7 Quick Takes (v. 40)

1.  Bailey and Piper had a wonderful time at the Daddy/Daughter Dance last weekend.  They each received a purse, a princess wand, and a balloon, and Piper won the balloon center piece at their table because her birthday was closest to the 4th of July.  On the way home, Rick overheard her say, “This has been the best day in my whole little Piper life.”

2.  This week I’ve been trying to integrate some of the cleaning tips from FlyLady.  I first read Marla Cilley’s book about six or seven years ago, but I wasn’t really in a place where I felt up to integrating her sound suggestions.  After she was mentioned in the book Switch that I read last month, I decided to revisit her housecleaning philosophy.  Mainly, I jotted down the routines I already had and integrated some of her tips for trying to do short bursts of cleaning.  I also put together a more substantial “Control Journal” and adapted some of her cleaning lists to my own needs.

3.  Now that Sabrina can crawl around, she’s able to entertain herself for longer chucks of time.  That does make it a lot easier to get some things done.  I feel like we’re moving past the hardest part of the first year with a new baby.

4.  Bailey just entered a writing contest for American Girl magazine.  She typed it up on the computer, but then I had to go back through and add all of the uppercase letters and periods.  I don’t know if it was because she still hasn’t fully grasped those concepts, she was being lazy, or she was finding it a laborious thing to do on the computer since she doesn’t know how to type.  I think it was the latter two mostly.  The whole project did make me aware of the deficits in her writing skills, but I’m trying not to panic and start some sort of grammar/writing boot camp.  The hardest part, though, was trying to guide her through the editing process without taking over her story, knowing when to offer suggestions and when to keep my mouth shut.

5.  That is always one of the hardest things about homeschooling:  deciding when to push and when to step back and let learning develop naturally.  I’ve decided that I’m going to have start pushing a little bit more with Bailey’s math.  She’s still doing way too much addition with her fingers, and she’s going to need some multiplication facts memorized before the end of this semester.  We did a math facts boot camp last spring, and then I backed off a little bit.  But I think it’s time to pull out the addition and subtraction flashcards in addition to her normal daily math work.  I might see if I can pick up some multiplication ones this weekend, too.

6.  After looking through Bailey’s American Girl magazine, Piper decided that she wants an American Girl doll.  I’m not sure that a $100 doll is the best idea, though.  Her birthday is still eight months away, so I’m hoping to find a cheaper alternative before then.  She’s already suggested that several family members go in together to buy it for her.  If she did get one, I would definitely be hitting the craft shows to look for outfits.

7.  In recent weeks, we’ve actually made it to the 10:00 Mass at our parish.  Since Sabrina was born 8-months ago, the 10:00 was just unmanageable (and the kids do not do well at the 5:00 vigil), so we had been going to the 11:45 at another nearby parish.  It’s good to be back home, though, with the priests we know, the wonderful music led by our amazing and nice musical director, the bells during the Consecration, and all of the familiar faces.

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