7 Quick Takes (v. 41)

1.  Sabrina developed a nasty fever on Sunday afternoon.  I took her to the doctor on Wednesday where I was told that she had a five-day upper respiratory virus but to call if it hadn’t cleared up by Friday.  Well, the fever disappeared Wednesday night, but now she has splotches on her face and trunk.  I’m waiting for the pediatrician’s office to finish their weekly two-hour meeting and call me back with instructions.

2.  Needless to say it has been a very stressful week since my normally laid-back and sufficiently mobile baby has been cranky, clingy, restless, and requiring fever medicine through the night.  And of course, these things hit just as we have a friend visiting from out of town.

3.  Here in Illinois we’ve having a ruckus thanks to a state senator trying to pass a bill to force all homeschoolers to register.  I think he means well; he’s worried about those who may be “pretending” to homeschool their kids.  But it’s another instance of punishing the majority for the actions of a very small minority.  I think this senator has become very informed about homeschooling this week thanks to the 4000 people who marched on Springfield, but there are still things that he needs to learn…like the government can not fix everything.  There will always be people who evade laws.

4.  I got to thinking, though, about how people who are against homeschooling are often like people who are moderately pro-choice.  First of all, they feel uncomfortable going against the norms that they’ve been indoctrinated into (children have to go to school to learn/ women should have complete control over her own body),  they have misconceived notions about what is involved with each issue mostly influenced by their personal feelings of what they would do, and once they stop to think about each issue objectively with real facts they often change their minds.

5.  I had a bad experience with a popular blogger a few months ago, and I no longer visit her blog at all.  Sometimes, though, I come across her name mentioned on other blogs that I frequent.  It’s kind of like a punch in the gut each time; I get so angry when I think of how she treated me and allowed me to be treated on her blog.  But I am going to try really hard each time that I get angry to stop, take a deep breath, and pray for her instead.

6.  I’ve got another two weeks until our library reopens in the new building.  Not only am I excited to see it, but I will greatly appreciate it when they unlock the account capabilities so that I can renew books online again.  I will probably have a ton of fines by that point, because I have some books out that I need for homeschooling but I can’t properly renew them because of the building move.

7.  The weather has been a little warmer this week, and a lot of the snow has melted.  I aired out the house some yesterday, and I’ve been trying to let the kids go outside to play with their neighborhood friends a little bit (at least as much as I can with a sick baby).  I know this is just a temporary thing.  I give it about two weeks before I get to try out my new snow pants.

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One Comment on “7 Quick Takes (v. 41)”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I felt the same way when I saw that mention. I tried to remind myself that if they are in contact, it is only going to be in the best interest of the popular blogger which you had your bad experience with.

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