7 Quick Takes (v. 42)

1.  We are having a bit of a nursing issue.  Sabrina (8 months) seems to like to chomp down on my right breast as she’s pulling off, and her two sharp little bottom teeth drew blood the other night.  Right now I am trying to nurse on that side as little as possible and quickly  get my finger over those teeth to force her off, but I only have to be slow once for her rip the scab off.  And have I mentioned it is EXTREMELY painful to nurse on that side….it hurts even when she’s not nursing on it at this point.  I’m getting so full of milk on that side, though, that I’ve actually been able to hand-express.  I keep trying to feed it to her in a sippy cup or mixed with cereal, but she’s not biting on to that.

2.  I gave Bailey (8) these two reading assessments from A to Z Home’ Cool.  On the first assessment she scored 4.9 (fourth grade, ninth month).   On the San Diego assessment her independent reading level came out at 5th grade and her instructional level was 6th grade.  By either one, she’s reading at least two grade levels ahead.  I don’t think that makes her some kind of super-genius, but as a homeschooling parent it gives me confidence that she’s doing at least as well, if not better, than if she had gone to traditional school.

3. Piper (5) has a new favorite activity: math problems.  When we’re in the car, before bedtime, or any other time she feels like it she’ll hound me or my husband to give her addition and some “taking away” problems.  If you give her 2+3, she complains that it’s too babyish.  If you give her 9+8, she complains, “I’m only five”.  She really likes double-digit problems like 20+30.  She likes to find the underlying patterns and quick tricks of how to solve them.  And for a long time, she’s also enjoyed just memorizing math facts.  I know it’s probably just a phase, but we’re trying to ride it out as long as possible.

4.  I should probably say a little something about Katie (2 1/2).  She has totally hit the Terrible Threes early (it’s not fair!!).  The silver lining is that when she is being anal retentive about which straw or which bowl that she uses it gives us an opportunity to practice her colors.  We can tell, though, that she is starting to process things at a more three-year-old level as she tells stories about things that have happened, and she thinks that parts of The Office are hilarious.

5.  This Wednesday we are going to get our taxes done.  Family of six + one modest income = negative tax bracket = large refund.  I know, I know, that we could adjust things so that less is taken out of my husband’s paycheck, but we treat our tax refund like a large savings account that we can only access once a year.  It’s better that way.

6.  This week the FlyLady  zone was the Master Bedroom.  I washed the sheets and pillow cases, flipped the mattresses, dusted the cobwebs, cleaned off the dressers, and even vacuumed.  Of course the rest of the house looks like a tornado hit, but my bedroom looks really nice.  Hmmmm, I’m not exactly sure it’s supposed to work that way, but I don’t think the FlyLady is a homeschooling mom with four small children.

7.  Yesterday we doubled up our schoolwork because in a few minutes we’re off to help my mother-in-law find a desperately needed new pre-owned car.  Not only does she need reliable transportation to get to work, but she also basically acts as our back-up driver since we only have one vehicle.  I’m packing up snacks, drinks, and activities to try to keep the kids busy, but this should be an adventure.  Seven of us are going car-shopping; I don’t know how many of us will be coming back alive.

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2 Comments on “7 Quick Takes (v. 42)”

  1. Laurke Says:

    Actually, that’s exactly how FlyLady should work 🙂 Your bedroom is your sanctuary so keep it beautiful! Then the little :15 things the rest of the time will keep your house from being swallowed by a black hole. In theory. As for myself, I’ve gotten so involved in researching homeschooling that I’ve neglected my FlyLady habits, even though I have an app for that! LOL

    • barboo77 Says:

      I still lose many hours researching homeschooling. LOL Beware the free catalog from the Rainbow Resource Center; I call it porn for homeschoolers.

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