7 Quick Takes (v. 43)

1.  Today is my 11th wedding anniversary.  On Sunday I was wishing someone else a happy anniversary when I realized that mine was actually coming up at the end of the week.  I wonder how long it would have taken us both to remember if Facebook hadn’t reminded us.  What are our big plans to celebrate??  My husband is taking the two oldest girls to a baseball card show, so that Bailey (8) can get Rollie Fingers’ autograph.

2.  I finally got around to watching Downton Abbey and absolutely loved it.  The good thing about British television shows is that they don’t run a show into the ground with too many episodes and too many seasons.  The bad thing about British television shows is that they are often so well made that they have you wishing that they would have more than 7 to 13 episodes per season.

3.  A few weeks ago my husband discovered that one of our priests has his own YouTube channel in which he plays guitar and sings popular songs, including Lady Ga-Ga’s “Bad Romance”.  It was a little disconcerting for both of us and led to an interesting discussion.  The priest in question admits on his blog that some people might think less of him for it but it’s a free and harmless hobby that he enjoys.  The song “Bad Romance” in and of itself isn’t necessarily horrible from what I can tell, but the inevitable association with the original artist who likes to be extremely candid about her immoral actions taints the song.

Of course, if I refused to listen to any musical artist who had committed a mortal sin that would wipe out half the musical world…including Amy Grant.  And I wouldn’t want anyone to judge my piety based on my musical tastes, either.  It’s easy to forget that priests are ordinary men called to an extraordinary vocation.  And I feel sorry for the wives and children of priests and pastors who often live their lives under a moral microscope.

4.  Sabrina is cutting four top teeth right now.  The two on either front side are partially in, and the two middle teeth are poking through.  Needless to say, someone has been a really restless sleeper this week.  But she’s been doing amazingly well overall.

5.  Katie has learned how to turn doorknobs to open doors.  The gate at the bottom of our stairs has also come loose, so she is able to open and close that swinging door.  This week the soundtrack of our life has been a combination of slams and clinks as she goes in and out of the gate and every bedroom upstairs five million times…just because she can.

6.  Piper has been having a blast going through these phonics readers that we own.  I really need to figure out where they’ve moved all the phonics readers in the new library.  She’s also decoding more and more words at her websites (Club Penguin and Toon Town) and in her general environment.  It is so cool to be with her every day when those light bulbs are going off.

7.  Speaking of the new library, we made it in there to look around the other night.  The most amazing thing is that their new way of displaying the juvenile series books inspired Bailey to pick three or four different ones to try.  Sure most of what she picked would be considered “twaddle” to the educational elite, but it is a very rare event when I have to order Bailey to put down her book and get some sleep.

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