7 Quick Takes (v. 44)

1.  Remember when I wrote a few weeks ago that Sabrina took a chunk out of me while nursing?  Well, now I’ve developed a nasty case of mastitis.  And why is it when I tell the kids “I’m sick”  they hear “Disobey, ignore, and argue with me twice as much as you usually do”?

2.  I got an order of homeschooling supplies in a few days ago.  I just couldn’t completely enjoy it.  This was partly because I was sick as a dog.  But it was partly because my Lenten sacrifice kept me from poring over the items and making plans.  I’m not going to lie; my Lenten sacrifices have been kind of rough.

3.  I took Sabrina for her nine-month check-up yesterday.  I figured it would be less exhausting to take one sweet baby to the doctor then stay at home and deal with refereeing the three older girls.  I also snuck by McDonald’s afterward.  Amazingly, the antibiotic and ibuprofen didn’t tear up my stomach nearly as much after a hamburger, french fries, and sweet tea.

4.  Have I mentioned that I love my pediatrician?  On one hand he is very clear about what the recommendations are from the American Academy of Pediatrics, but he doesn’t treat them like the law handed down from God.  He’s been cool with me spacing out vaccinations and prioritizing them.  He was very understanding of our current problems and gave me some good practical advice if I wanted to try weaning a little bit without having to use formula for the next three months.

5.  It’s actually getting fairly warm around here.  In fact I don’t know how much of my night sweats this week were do my fever breaking and how much was due to the fact that I was wearing ten layers under two layers of blanket in a warm room thanks to the chills I kept experiencing.

6.  Of course we are hitting that time of the year where Bailey is starting to outgrow her pants and leggings, at least the ones that haven’t had the knees ripped out.  Soon I will have to start making a list of what clothing items each child has for this summer and what they will need.  And then we’ll have to schedule our big shopping trip.

7.  It was a year ago this week since we went to Disney World.  While some of our memories may have faded, the secret sister handshake that Bailey and Piper invented in one of the bathrooms still lives on.  They’ve been teaching it to Katie this week.

P.S.  I know I should have posted this yesterday.  But I’ve been sick; give me a break.

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