Compassion for the Poor

About a month ago I was embroiled in a brouhaha on Facebook.  I basically disagreed with a “friend” who slammed anyone who was happy at the thought of Planned Parenthood being federally de-funded.  While he himself pretty much kept his mouth shut after his initial post, his other “friends” started attacking me non-stop.  It was actually funny how none of them would actually discuss my points, they just kept making assumptions and personally attacking me.  The first accusation thrown my way was that I have “no compassion for the poor”.  I finally stepped out of the conversation because it was sucking up too much of my time talking to irrational and rabid people.

But here I am a month later thinking about it, and I have some questions for those who equate the defunding of Planned Parenthood with a lack of “compassion for the poor”.

1.  What constitutes “the poor” who would be deprived of Planned Parenthood’s cheap, but not free, services?

Are “the poor” high school and college students who are still living at home, being financially supported by their parents, and are still covered under their parents health insurance but turn to Planned Parenthood so that they can go behind their parents’ backs to get contraception, treatment for STDs, and abortions?

Or are “the poor” those who are uninsured or under-insured who can afford to rack up credit card bills for clothes, computers, and bar tabs but think that putting the cost of pap smear on their credit card or setting up a payment plan with a doctor’s office unacceptable?

Or are the poor those who are uninsured or under-insured who don’t have cable television or internet or their own vehicle who would have to choose between the cost of a pap smear or feeding their kids?

I know that the last example is a bit of an extreme, but I wonder what percentage of PP customers are truly poor and do most of us in America truly know what it means to be poor?

2.  Some say that Planned Parenthood sets up their clinics in low-income areas because those people are the ones who need their low-cost services the most.  It’s a fact, though, that minorities are disproportionately represented among the poor and also disproportionately account for the majority of abortions.  The military also tends to set up recruitment centers in low-income areas, often giving the people living there an opportunity to get out of poverty by offering educational opportunities they might not otherwise have.  However, a military career has a certain amount of risk of being killed in battle.

Why do people who are worried about the poor and minorities being disproportionately targeted by the military and killed in battle not care that the poor and minorities are being targeted and disproportionately killed by abortion?

3.  One of the last comments that people made on Facebook was that one shouldn’t complain about her tax dollars going to abort a child because your tax dollars would just go to support that child anyway when he or she just ends up on welfare or in jail.  Interestingly, no one said one word about this nasty piece of logic.

So,only “poor” women abort their children at Planned Parenthood clinics?  (Not fully-insured teenagers.)

All unaborted children of poor families always end up on welfare or in jail?

Because a child might end up on welfare or in jail, it is better to kill him or her in the womb then entertain the possibility that they might NOT end up on welfare or in jail?

Let’s not even get into the historical, cultural, and systematic roots of poverty and why minorities are disproportionately represented in the prison system.  The best way to fix the problem is just to enable them to not reproduce, abort their babies, and kill themselves.

Is that “compassion for the poor”?

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