7 Quick Takes (v. 45)

1.  It’s the mastitis that never ends…it just goes on and on, my friends….The worst of the symptoms (chills, fever, body ache) have gone, but I still have some blockages that will not go away and are continuing to make nursing slightly painful.  I haven’t been quite as on top of my antibiotics because they tear up my stomach if I don’t eat them with a something thick, but I usually get three out of four doses down a day.  In the meantime I spend most of the day with a rice-filled sock stuck in my bra that I nuke about three times per hour.  I call it my “boob sock”…in front of the kids even.

2.  How many more days left in Lent?  Is it sad that I’m already compiling a list of the first five to ten books I want to get from the library?  I may just spend all of Easter Sunday reading while the kids gorge themselves on candy.

3.  Sabrina seems to be embracing this idea of solid food.  She’s started chomping on baby snacks (Cheerios, arrowroot cookies) and is up to two level 2 jars of baby food a day.  I’m trying to get her to embrace the sippy cup as her friend.  With the way this past month has gone, I am not only counting down the days to Easter but counting down the days until I can wean her from “mommy milk” without guilt.  Maybe by the time June gets here I will feel comfortable enough to go my usual 15 months of nursing, but right now I just want to cut and run.

4.  Of course the flip side of solid feeding and weaning is the return of my fertility.  I’ll have to start watching that like a hawk, and I just pray to God that His plans agree with my plans of me not having any more babies anytime soon, if ever.

5.  Speaking of prayers, is there anything that sounds more lame than “I’ll pray for you”?  I know that prayer itself is anything but lame, but talking about praying just always seems somewhat corny.  I’m just at a season in my life where I just can’t offer much time, talent, or treasure.  All I can give is prayer.  I especially like to focus on pregnant women; I keep a “Pregnancy Prayer List” of all the pregnant women I know (or whose husbands I know) and pray for a healthy pregnancy and a safe and easy delivery for mother and baby.  I also throw some in there for pregnant women who are scared and tempted to get an abortion.  That’s just my thang.

6.  On Tuesday it was so warm that we were able to go outside without jackets.  I cleaned out the garage some while the girls rode their bikes and played with their friends.  And then it stormed Tuesday night.  And the temperature dropped.  And there was a little snow on Thursday morning.  And now I’m wearing my long underwear under my pants again.

7.  Thanks to the Solemnity of the Annunciation we don’t have to abstain from meat today.  So why am I still tempted to go for the giant fish sandwich instead of the cheeseburger when I sneak to Burger King during my grocery shopping?

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