7 Quick Takes (v. 46)

1.  I put away the snow boots yesterday, but I kept out the snow pants.  I figure that we probably won’t get enough snow to make the boots necessary but it still might be plenty cold at softball games to make the snow pants useful.

2.  We still need to get Piper some cleats for softball.  The run about $40 a pair new, but I figure they are a good investment because a) it keeps her regular tennis shoes from getting destroyed by mud and b) they can be passed down to the two younger girls eventually.

3.  Speaking of handing down shoes, I dug into my big box of used shoes in search of sandals yesterday.  I found a pair of dress shoes that are slightly big for Piper but will fit her perfectly by the end of the summer.  I found the little baby crocs for Sabrina to use  when she wants to practice walking outside this summer.  But I really hit the jackpot for Katie:  dress shoes, sandals, and tennis shoes.  They are all very slightly big, but not enough to be unwieldy.  The tennis shoes are the exact style of her previous ones but two sizes bigger.  I wonder how squished her toes have been in that old pair.

4.  It’s still way too cold to wear sandals out and about here, but we’re going on our big shopping trip for spring/summer clothes this weekend.  I’ve been digging through boxes of hand-me-down and stored seasonal clothes for two weeks to make my shopping list.  I discovered that Piper has like five million shorts, skirts, and skorts to wear this summer and Sabrina has like five million dresses.  Since Katie and Sabrina both have summer birthdays, I’ve put some clothing on their gift lists to keep our shopping costs down.

5.  I decided that looking up topic headings and page numbers to organize homeschooling things for the summer didn’t count as pleasure reading, which I gave up for Lent.  By being so harsh on myself I was basically taking away all forms of recreation.   (Yes, I am such a nerd that homeschool organization is fun for me.)  It’s hard enough not getting to really sink my teeth into some good books without completely making myself crazy.

6.  I love watching how baby Sabrina can totally lift the bad mood of one of her big sisters just by her presence.  I also love to watch them loving on and playing with her.  It warms the cockles of my heart (somewhere in the sub-cockle region).  So many people only think of babies in terms of what they take away (money, energy, time) but not in terms of what babies give just by being.

7.  Now if you’ll excuse me it’s time for me to eat a little Lenten lunch that I invented in college:  a sauerkraut sandwich.  Think of a meatless Reuben with extra sauerkraut.

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