7 Saints for Fertility and Family

As I’ve mentioned before, my “prayer thang” is to pray for pregnant women that I know or know through association.  I usually pray for an easy and healthy pregnancy, a safe and easy delivery for mother and baby, and an easy and quick recovery.  I also pray for women considering an abortion and the protection of their unborn babies.  I got to thinking that maybe I should talk to a few canonized saints who also make it their “thang” to pray for things related to fertility and family.

1.  St. Gerard Majella:  patron saint of pregnant women and childbirth

2.  St. Joseph:  patron saint of the unborn and fathers

3.  St. Brigit of Kildare/Ireland:  patron saint of newborn babies

4.  St. Rita of Cascia:  patron saint of infertility

5.  St. Anne:  patron saint of mothers, grandparents, housewives, childless couples, and sterility

6.  St. Nicholas:  patron saint of children

7.  St. Mary, Mother of God:  Of course, no such list would be complete without Jesus’ own mother.  She’s the perfect example of someone who dealt with a surprise pregnancy with grace (pun intended).  As a mother to us all, we turn to her to intercede with her son on our behalf and the behalf of others.

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  1. Prem Ambroe Says:

    for a child

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