7 Quick Takes (v. 47)

1.  This has been a terrible Lent.  First I had the mastitis.  Then just as I was starting to get back into the groove after that, I (along with the two younger girls) got hit was a terrible head cold.  Part of me wonders if this is the Lord’s way of trying to break me down, so that He can build me back up a little bit better.  I just want to say, “Ok, I get it.  You can stop now.”  But then I wonder if saying that just goes to show that I still don’t get it.  I’m just tired of feeling crappy, and the fact that I am definitely not handling being sick in a saintly manner probably reinforces that I’m still not getting it.

2.  I finally gave in and had the cable reinstalled upstairs.  But I made the rule that the kids can only watch previously recorded shows on the DVR unless they get special permission.  We’re holding on to our Netflix for now, but we may eventually cancel that.

3.  I don’t want to cancel the Netflix, though, until I finish watching the one and only season of Jack & Bobby.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how politically center it is when I was expecting a bunch of liberal rhetoric.  It’s not perfect, but Christine Lahti is so fun to watch as the ultra-liberal big mouth college professor single mom.  And the guy who played older son Jack graduated from my university.

4.  We’ve had some warmer weather around here.  I actually had to turn on the A/C last week.  The girls got lots of playtime outside with their neighborhood friends.  It just reminded me, though, that we really need to get some new floor fans for the house before it really gets hot.

5.  We pulled Piper (5 1/2) out of softball.  We partly don’t think the coach was a good fit.  He suggested we could just move her to a different team, but we also think that she just wasn’t ready for softball.  She just seemed kind of over-whelmed by it all.  Ideally, I would have had her complete the season (which had barely started), but I just couldn’t see making all of us miserable for the next three months just to uphold some principle.

6. We’ve discovered that Sabrina (10 months) has a built-in homing beacon for every choking hazard in the house.  It doesn’t matter what I clean up, vacuum, or even throw away. She will find the one choking hazard tucked away in a long-forgotten corner or under a piece of furniture where her chubby hand can reach it…and then she will put it in her mouth.  She has been the absolute worst of the four about this, including Bailey who ate ladybugs at this age.  But lady bugs aren’t choking hazards at least.

7.  Nine more days until Easter.  It’s getting really hard to resist the temptation to crack open a book, especially when I just want to escape from how crappy I feel.  I became so desperate that I dug out old five-year-old magazines just to be able to read something off-line.  I’m not sure that giving up books for pleasure reading has really been as spiritually edifying as I had hoped (in fact I may have become worse), but….only nine more days until Easter.

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