Reading List April 2011

Thank goodness Easter has arrived, and I am no longer bound by my Lenten sacrifice of giving up books for pleasure reading.  However, thanks to tons of illness during the Lenten season and the continued opposition of my children, nightly read aloud time fell to the wayside.  So, I won’t be keeping track of something that doesn’t exist (Kids Read Aloud lists).  I did manage to squeeze a few books in between Easter and the end of April.

1.  The Homeschooler’s Book of Lists by Sonya Haskins:  This is just what it says it is–a book of lists of the main points for every subject.  This is a great resource that I am definitely purchasing.  The lists can be used as  great starting points for planning a subject or going back to make sure nothing important was missed.  Some of the lists can be used as “cheat sheets” for things like remembering parts of speech or types of government.  There are also some great ideas for writing assignments.  A CD version of the book is included for easy printing/copying of lists.  I should make others aware that it has a very Protestant Christian perspective on some subject lists.

2.  And One Last Thing by Molly Harper:  This is Harper’s first book that isn’t labeled “supernatural romance”.  It’s a really fun read about a woman who learns that her husband is having an affair and what she does about it.  Molly Harper kind of reminds me of an R-rated Meg Cabot.  (Don’t say I didn’t warn you about some of the adult content!!)

3.  The Blue Castle by Lucy Maude Montgomery:  This book was recommended by priest’s wife.  Although I’ve read a lot of Montgomery’s books, I had never even heard of this one.  I love the character of Valancy Stirling, even if her home situation is a repeat of Emily of New Moon (written in the same period).  It’s fun to see what happens when Valancy lets loose, but I wish the ending wasn’t quite so fairy tale.

4.  The Catholic Homeschool Companion edited by Maureen Wittmann & Rachel Mackson:  This is a collection of essays for and about Catholic homeschooling by some notable Catholic writers.

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