7 Quick Takes (v. 48)

1.  We had a pretty uneventful Easter.  The girls and I got up at 8:00 to see what the Easter Bunny brought them, and then we went to Mass at 12:30….where my husband was a hero!!  It all started after communion.  I was trying to pray while dealing with a fussy baby when I noticed that the little boy in front of me (about nine or ten) was playing with his consecrated Host.  I was about to notify his mother when she noticed and then he promptly dropped it.  My husband and I searched frantically for it to no avail.  The kid’s mother gave a passing glance before going on with her praying.  My husband finally saw it two pews ahead, on the floor by someone’s foot.  He left our pew, rescued the Host, and consumed it immediately.  My hero!!

2.  I finished watching Jack & Bobby.  The creators seemed to have a heads-up that they might be canceled because they did a good job of tying up loose ends in the last episode while still leaving openings for a second season.  I really enjoyed the series, although episode 19 really threw me for a loop.  It centered around the Evangelical minister’s daughter getting pregnant, and I really can’t decide if it was stereotypical and cliche or brilliant.  It’s a shame that show didn’t get a second season.

3.  One perk of having cable and the DVR again = recording the new season of Dr. Who off of BBC America!!  Now if I could only find time to watch the recordings.

4.  Even though her first three games have included combinations of low temperatures, extreme mud, and 54 mph gusts of wind, Bailey (8) is really enjoying her first season of softball.  She likes being with all the girls and learning the league cheers.  And Piper (5) is enjoying learning the cheers and sharing in the after-game snacks without the inconvenience of actually having to participate in an activity.

5.  Katie (almost 3) and Sabrina (almost 11 months) have both been making huge developmental leaps in the past few weeks.  Katie’s understanding of more complex situations and her sense of humor have really broadened.  She’s not having quite as many crazy fits (yay!), but she also can not be as easily distracted from annoying behavior.  Sabrina has started playing more peak-a-boo type games with her sisters, is walking while holding on to things, and vocalizing more.

6. I must admit that I do kind of miss being back home in Louisville, Kentucky for Derby-time.  There are just so many activities in the weeks before, and there are so many memories associated with them (building award-winning parade floats, watching the steamboat race on television, participating in the walk sponsored by my high school, the hot air balloons floating over my house to finish their race at the nearby elementary school, Derby parties).  That’s one thing that I feel like my kids are missing out on by us living so far away.  But we do try to watch the race every year.

7.  I think maybe I had to stay sick for almost all of Lent so that I could fully appreciate what it means to be well.  Yes, I still get tired (hello, four kids), but overall I feel SO much better these days.  It’s nice to feel some-what functional again.

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