7 Quick Takes (v. 49)

1.  Today was supposed to be the last day of our homeschooling semester.  We are done with most subjects, but we have a little bit of math and spelling lingering.  I spent yesterday putting together our schedule for the summer:  math review and geography.

2.  Things have been super crazy lately.  This week’s schedule ran as follows:  Tuesday-softball practice, Wednesday-gymnastics, Thursday-softball game.  Tonight we have gymnastics, and tomorrow we have softball practice.  Repeat for the next two weeks.

3.  It has always been my dream to go to Europe some day.  I really wish that dream could come true right now, so that I could go see David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing in London.  I bet it is going to be awesome, and that’s probably my favorite Shakespeare play.  There’s a petition going around to have it officially recorded and distributed. I wish, I wish…

4.  I have fallen in love with The Graham Norton Show on BBC America.  I love how all three celebrity guests are on the couch and interacting at the same time.  I find myself laughing so much through the whole thing.

5.  So far the big plans for the summer include a guitar lessons for Bailey (with a little overlap of softball), gymnastics class for Piper, potty-training for Katie (or at least more aggressive potty introduction), and weaning for Sabrina (if I can get her to consistently eat more food).

6.  I had the house relatively clean in preparation for my parents’ visit two weeks ago, since they left it has fallen back into insanity.  We had another cold run through the house, and then all of our busy-ness has been exhausting (see #2).  While I have never had exceptionally high standards for housekeeping, I’ve been trying to accept that as long as everyone has clean clothes to wear and clean dishes, cups, and utensils that may just have to be bloody good enough.

7.  Monday is my 34th birthday.  My parents already gave me my presents:  a shelving unit for the garage and a new screen door.  Yes, the presents get more and more exciting as we get older.  But I really wish that screen door we ordered would arrive soon, so I could pull in a breeze while the weather is moderate.

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