Homeschooling Expenses 2011

Purchase #1Rainbow Resource Center 3/11/2011

Amount:  $154.76 +   Tax:  $10.45

Non-reusable materials for Bailey:  $32.75

  1. Singapore Math Practice 2A
  2. Primary Math 2 Extra Practice
  3. Vocabulary From Classical Roots 4
  4. Wordly Wise 3000 2ED 3 Student Book

Non-reusable materials for Piper:  $7.95

  1. Add & Subtract & Multiply & Divide

Reusable & Reference Materials: $114.06

  1. The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise
  2. Usborne Science Encyclopedia
  3. Just the Facts: World Atlas
  4. Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
  5. Story of the World Vol. 2: Middle Ages
  6. Asia
  7. Europe

Purchase #2: Staples 5/3/2011

Amount:  $17.44

1 1/2 inch binder, 3 packs of wide-rule paper, 1 composition book, 1 pack of three erasers

Purchase #3:  Rainbow Resource Center 5/20/2011

Amount:  $168.93 + 11.40 tax

Non-reusable for Bailey:  $8.25

  1. Singapore Math Workbook 3B

Reusable & Reference Materials:  $116.73

  1. Mindbenders A3/A4  Software
  2. Mindbenders B1/B2 Software
  3. Singapore Math 3B Home Instructors Guide
  4. Singapore Math 3B Textbook
  5. Story of the World v. 3:  Early Modern text
  6. Story of the World v. 3 Activity Book

Materials Purchased for Future Use with Younger Children:  $$24.75

  1. Singapore Math Workbook 3B (3 copies)

Miscellaneous:  $19.20

  1. Linga Angelica CD & Song Book:  This was really purchased because I’ve been looking for a good disc of Latin hymns to play around the house during certain liturgical seasons.  It may also one day be used for education-related activities.

Purchase #4:  TBD

Non-reusable for Piper:  $65.00

  1. Explode the Code Online subscription:  I will probably purchase this sometime in the fall.


Total Spent 2011:  $362.98 (does not include possible purchase of ETC subscription)

Bailey Only:  $58.44

Piper Only:  $7.95 (+ $65 after ETC subscription)

Reusable and Reference Materials:  $230.79

Future Use with Younger Kids:  $24.75

Miscellaneous:  $19.20

My homeschooling expenditures for this year will come in a little under$450 once I order that Explode the Code subscription.  That’s still about two weeks of groceries.  There were a few reference materials that I could have even done without for now, but I decided to splurge.  This should pretty much take us through all of third grade (Bailey), and Kindergarten (Piper).  The only other expenses that might occur would be a few preschool workbooks if Katie (3) starts asking to do schoolwork.

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