Bailey’s Great Idea

Sometimes there is nothing scarier in this house than when Bailey (8 1/2) says, “I have a great idea!”  So, when she proclaimed these words in mid-March, I braced myself.  Her great idea in this instance was to raise money for a local animal shelter.  While I applauded her generous spirit, I pointed out that we didn’t have any extra money in our budget to pay her for doing extra jobs, and we have a very limited social circle to ask for money as well.

Bailey didn’t let my pessimism stop her, though.  She started by hitting up her friends at gymnastics before I could stop her.  (This inspired a little talk about soliciting from other young children without their parents’ knowledge or consent.)  Then Bailey made a deal with her Memaw to earn quarters for every book she read in the month of April; Bailey could earn extra quarters if she read books of my choosing (I loved my mom’s sneakiness).  She set aside the money she received in her St. Patrick’s and Easter cards from Granny.  She collected $5 from our hair stylist during her hair cut.  And she even put the $2 the Tooth Fairy paid out for the tooth extracted by the dentist.  All total she ended up with a little over $28.

Bailey did a little research online to find the closest animal shelter in our area.  We printed out their suggested donation list, and then I e-mailed them to learn which items they needed most.  Then we went to the local pet supply store to purchase as much as she could afford.  The only thing not in the picture below is the 40-pound bag of cat litter (I wasn’t lugging it out of the car).

A few days letter we went to take Bailey’s donations to the animal shelter.  I started to get a little choked up as I introduced Bailey to the staff and explained what she had done.  One of the employees told us to wait at the reception desk while she put away the supplies we brought, and when she came back she had a little 4-week-old kitten in her hand.  His name was Donovan, and she explained that he was a kitten that she was personally fostering until they could place him in a home.  Bailey, Piper, and Katie each took turns gently petting his fluffy fur while Sabrina watched him squirm and meow.  Then it was time to go home.  (Yes, we left the cute little kitten there; I have my hands full right now with my own litter of human animals.)

I am really proud of Bailey.  She has such a generous heart; this is the second charity to which she has donated on her own initiative.  She didn’t let my concerns stand in her way.  She worked hard and sacrificed to reach her goal.  She should be really proud of herself.

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One Comment on “Bailey’s Great Idea”

  1. Kelly Says:

    That’s amazing! Way to go, Bailey!!

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