7 Quick Takes (v. 50)

1.  During our two-week homeschooling break, I have been really busy.  Bailey finished up her gymnastics session with the big exhibition and has had like four softball games.  I’ve also been reorganizing a lot of things:  our daily schedules, my meal plans, the house rules, chores, and homeschooling.  I’ve had a lot of stuff percolating in my mind.

2.  This weather has been crazy.  Within the span of about a week it went from a high of 65 degrees to a high of 95 degrees.  On Wednesday it was 100 degrees according to a bank we passed, and then after a late night storm the temperature dropped to 63 degrees yesterday.  It’s a wonder we’re not all sick.

3.  I’ve finally accepted that we will not be eating super healthy food (organic, from scratch, with no dyes or preservatives).  And I’ve also accepted that it is not a waste of money to spend $1.50 on a can of pre-made pizza crust if it ensures that I will actually eat homemade pizza (for under $5 total) instead of spending $20 on fast food because the night I planned to have pizza sh*t happened (like the electricity going out for six hours yesterday) and I didn’t have the time or energy to mix up and pre-cook pizza crust from scratch.

4.  Bailey used all of a gift card from Christmas to buy Just Dance for Wii at Toys R Us.  It is so much fun.  My husband and I have been having dance-offs with her, and her little sisters have been dancing along non-competitively.  We have been getting tons of exercise, but our arms and shoulders have been so sore.  We think Bailey tends to have an unfair advantage with the scoring, though, because her Wii-mote has an extra sensitive sensor attachment that my husband bought for his Wii golf game.  I think I would win more dance-offs if I used that one.  We might just have to add Just Dance 2 and Just Dance Kids to the Christmas lists.

5.  I decided to take a look at Slow and Steady Get Me Ready again.  I didn’t really care for it the first few times I read it, but I heard it recommended again somewhere (homeschooling book ? blog?).  It’s so funny how my reaction to a book can be so different  depending on what season of life I’m in.  At this point I’m just looking for small age-appropriate activities to do with my baby and preschooler to make sure they don’t get lost in the shuffle of housework and homeschooling the two older girls.  I care less about some sort of educational advantage rather than having something quality to do with them besides watch television.

6.  I think I’m ready to accept this book more now because my educational paradigm has shifted.  I’ve learned that sometimes kids need to repeat subject matter they already know in order to build the confidence to approach the things they don’t.  So, even if Katie already knows her colors it won’t hurt to spend a week doing a color-learning activity again.  And I’ve learned that even a “failure” can be a positive learning experience…in how to accept failure gracefully if nothing else.

7.  This is my new favorite summer dessert recipe:  Chocolate Pudding Pie.  It’s the perfect recipe for children or the cooking-challenged like me to make.

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