7 Quick Takes (v. 51)

1.  Congratulations to Jen at Conversion Diary on the birth of her fourth daughter, her fifth child, last week.  I continue to pray for a fast recovery and good baby moon for her.  I’m all still keeping Simcha Fisher, The Mom, and all of the pregnant women I know in real life in my  prayers.

2. About a week and a half ago, my dh introduced me to caloriecount.com.  Between the new household schedule I put together with set meal times and the accountability of putting in everything I eat, I’ve been doing pretty good at reaching my goal of 2200 calories per day.  It also analyzes my nutrition, so sometimes I find myself reaching for a glass of orange juice or other healthy treat that  I might not have other wise considered.  I have also been more likely to remember my daily vitamin.  Yay!!

3.  On a whim I grabbed an easy reader book about sea shells from the library, and I was shocked when Piper (5) actually let me read it to her.  Then the other day she pulled out a bag of sea shells her Memaw bought them last year and started comparing them to the ones in the book.  Then she and Katie (3) spent time sorting them into groups and comparing weights with our little plastic scale.  I love it when the kids put together their own unit studies like that.

4.  I bought Bailey (8) her own alarm clock when we were out guitar shopping a few weeks ago.  It is set for 9:00, and it has been awesome!!  There has only been one morning where she fell back asleep after it went off.  Now I don’t have to stop whatever I’m doing downstairs to go wake her up only to have her roll over and go back to sleep as soon as I leave.  I think it is loud enough that it really jolts her awake.  Our mornings have been going so much smoother.

5.  I bought Sabrina (1) some of those Gerber Graduate meals to try out.  She totally hated the pasta, but she liked the vegetable side dish.  Instead of paying two or three bucks for that stuff, I bought three little cans of vegetables (peas & carrots, green beans, and corn), mixed them together in a storage container, and then I’ve been doling it out a quarter cup at a time for dinner every night.  I wish I had thought of this three kids ago.

6.  While I have many reservations about the Gothard Movement, of which the Duggar family is a part, after reading A Love That Multiplies I printed out several copies of this pdf listing the operational definitions of 49 character qualities.  I’ve been going through one quality (and reviewing the previous ones) over breakfast with the girls.  Once we introduce all 49, I plan to go back and dig into one quality per week.  It’s offered great meal-time discussion, introduced new vocabulary words, and offered a reference for correct behavior.

7.  Well, in a bit I’m off to take Bailey to the pediatrician to get the two stitches out of her chin.  Do they sell Mederma by the gallon?

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