7 Quick Takes (v. 52)


1.  Last Wednesday I took my two older girls (8 and 5) to see the new Selena Gomez movie Monte Carlo.  It’s rated PG, and it was nice to see a non-cartoon movie for tweens/teens that didn’t have a lot of foul language or sexual situations.  There is some romance but nothing more than a few kisses.  The cinematography of Paris and Monaco was beautiful.  And the bonus for me was that Dr. Who’s Catherine Tate had a minor role in the movie.

2.  Once again I felt the urge to buy a drying rack and take advantage of the hot, hot sun that hits our back deck most of the day.  I figure that if I only run my loads in the dryer for 30 minutes (to activate the fabric softener) and then air dry them the rest of the way I can save a little money.  Unfortunately, the condo association has been repainting my back deck this week, so I wasn’t able to use it much.

3.  The three older girls are going to stay the night at Granny’s today.  The plus is that we all get a break from each other.  The minus is that 24 hours is just not enough of a break sometimes.  It seems like I always have a to-do list a mile long, and then I try to squeeze in quality time with the dh (we’re hitting a steakhouse for dinner tonight) and a full night’s sleep without the three-year-old squishing me, the five-year-old waking up screaming in the night, or the eight-year-old needing to be taken to the hospital for stitches because she slipped while climbing on the bathroom counter.

4.  I am going through another stretch where I find myself hitting the library drive-thru every single day.  I either have holds to pick up or more commonly I have a load of books that need to be dropped off.  The library always sends me a courtesy notice three days before  any books are due.  But of course I can never find all of the books at the same time, so they end up going back in bunches of three and four before the kids run off and hide them again.

5.  Most nights we go outside after dinner for the girls to play with the neighbor children.  I have a large piece of carpet that I spread on the pavement with a play-yard on top of it for the toddler (the kids have to play in the driveway between two rows of town homes).  Our nexties have three girls; the older two are about the same age as my two oldest, and their youngest is three months older than my baby.  We had the two little ones in the play-yard, and it was so cute to watch them playing together.  They were giving each other hugs and kisses, playing ball, and fighting over toys.  It’s still amazing, though, to note how big the developmental differences are between 13 and 16 months of age.

6.  Bailey (8) and Piper (5) have been taking turns driving me crazy with their computer time choices.  Bailey keeps wanting to play every single sample song form the Kidz Bop website, but Piper wants to keep watching videos for this new (and expensive) toy she wants for her birthday, Fijit Friends.  My husband quipped that what they really need to make is a Fijit Friend that sings Kidz Bop songs.

7.  Only sixteen more days until we take Bailey and Piper to see Paul McCartney at Wrigley Field.  Yeah, I know.  We’re the cool parents!


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