7 Quick Takes (v. 53): It’s Like a Heat Wave

1.  Have you ever seen those sci-fi movies/shows where their oxygen gets cut off and just about the time everyone is going to pass out the clean cool air starts coming out of the vents again and they all press their faces to the vent trying to suck it in as fast as they can?  That was me five minutes ago in front of each window of our house trying to suck in the cold rainy air.  My worst fear is that this storm will pass in another five minutes and the horrifying heat will return.

2.  In a related note, I will NEVER again complain about how cold it is in the Chicago area for at least six to seven months of the year.

3.  I realized that we actually have five seasons in the Chicago area:  spring (2 months), scorching summer (2 months), fall (2 months), winter (3 months), and bitter winter (3 months).

4.  I can feel better about opening our windows to take in this cold air because this week we had Guardian Angel window guards professionally installed in all of our windows.  It was worth paying the wonderful company that did it, because they also put in two new stair gates in areas that I was having problems getting them to stay safely.  The owner of the company did our consult himself, and he’s been featured on Larry King and Oprah.

5.  It was so unbearably hot last night that the entire family camped out in the living room.  We spread thick blankets and sleeping bags on the floor and covered them with sheets that I stuck in the freezer for awhile.  Unfortunately the sheets didn’t hold their cold for very long, but I also positioned every single fan we own (like 6) along the perimeter so that we slept in a vortex of air.

6.  Have I mentioned that it’s been unbearably hot this week?

7.  I figure I’ll give it an hour, and if the heat doesn’t amp up to high I may try to wash all of the bed sheets to get all of the sweat build-up off.  But at least the house is getting aired out a little bit.  I have no doubt that it really needed it.  (And no, I really did not intend to steal Simcha Fisher’s Quick Takes topic.  The heat has just taken over our lives this week.)

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One Comment on “7 Quick Takes (v. 53): It’s Like a Heat Wave”

  1. Linda Says:

    We’ve been baking in Texas.

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