7 Quick Takes (v. 54)

1.  This has been one of those mornings where the three-year-old follows me around whimpering and crying because she needs to poop but is scared to poop because she knows it will hurt.  It doesn’t help that this is the same child who will only eat junk food and chocolate milk.  I really need to get back in the habit of making sure she gets her daily vitamin and spiking her milk with Miralax, but I have a feeling that it is almost suppository time.  This is one of the rare times I envy my friends who are childless by choice.

2.  Reading some of the unfair stuff posted by the atheist haters to Jen’s NCR blog posts made me kind of sick.  But it also really struck me how similar they are to anti-Catholic Christians.  They both denounce the Church for not being sola scriptura, rely solely on their own personal interpretations of scripture, and make all sorts of wild accusations about what the Church teaches based on what they’ve been told that it teaches rather than reading what the Church actually teaches and why.

3.  We have completely been off schedule for two weeks now.  First it was because of the heat wave, but this week it’s -um- mainly because I’ve been too lazy.  Wasting time on the computer is so much easier than cleaning the house or fighting with the kids to pick one item up off the floor.  Maybe next week we’ll get back on schedule…or not.

4.  I’ve become addicted to Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles, and I keep getting really pissed when I can’t get fifteen uninterrupted minutes to do a puzzle without someone needing a drink or food item (right now!), imagining that the baby has some sort of non-food item in her mouth (50/50 chance), getting into a screaming/hitting fight with someone else, or wanting to discuss in detail every costume on the Party City website that they might want to wear for Halloween (!!!!).  If this was Lent I would totally have to give up my logic puzzles, but for now I am just trying to choose more judicious times to work a few into my day.

5.  Yes, Halloween is three months away, but the kids are obsessing about their costumes now.  I wish I knew how to sew and wasn’t completely craft challenged because those things at the store are SO expensive.  But this year my parents are coming up for Piper’s birthday in early October, so maybe I can get them to defray some of the cost.

6.  This week we’ve been going out for nightly family walks to the nearby duck ponds.  Last night was particularly muggy, and when we got home we were surprised to receive a cold blast of air as soon as we entered our garage.  We don’t get cold blasts of air from the A/C anywhere in our house due to the lack of duct work (dumb builders).  Well, back in early spring we had a leaky water pipe that led to a big hole being opened in our garage ceiling, and apparently what little A/C blow we get has been blowing threw that hole into the garage.  Last night I rough patched it with card board and packing tape, but it makes getting that thing properly repaired an even higher priority.

7.  In a little less than 48 hours we’ll be leaving for Wrigley Field to see Sir Paul McCartney.  It will be my first time seeing him since 2002 when I was unknowingly pregnant with my first child.  My husband and that now 8-year-old child saw him last year in Nashville while I stayed with the newborn and two other girls at a nearby hotel.  They are excited to see him again, too.  And this time five-year-old Piper will see Paul for the first time ever!!  The two younger girls will be staying with Granny, but  who knows if they may one day get the chance to see him in concert if he tours for another five years.  We’ve been gearing up all week for the concert; I just hope the weather is nice.

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