July 2011 Reading List

1.  And What About College? by Cafi Cohen:  This is about the third time I’ve read this book full of practical advice to prepare homeschoolers for the college admissions process.  With my oldest just starting third grade college seems so far away, but students really need to start preparing for the admissions process in 8th grade.

2.  Preparing for Adolescence by Dr. James Dobson:  This book is full of great information for pre-teens and teens to prepare for the physical and emotional changes of puberty and the moral dilemmas to which they can lead.  He addresses the book to children as young as ten, but I’m not sure that I would feel comfortable giving this to my child until age 12.  While it doesn’t get graphic, it does deal with sensitive topics such as intercourse and masturbation.  The copy I read was the 1992 reprint, and some of the references were slightly outdated.  I would be interested to get my hands on a more recent addition and see what the differences are.

3.  Overbite by Meg Cabot:  This a sequel to Cabot’s vampire book Insatiable.  It’s a pretty decent, but the ending didn’t completely ring true to me.  And I couldn’t shake the feeling that some of it was supposed to be a metaphor for the sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church.  My favorite character is feisty Sister Gertrude who always has guns with silver bullets strapped in her habit.

4.  I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris:  This is kind of the flagship book that discusses Christian Biblical courtship, questioning the validity of modern dating practices.

5.  The Care and Keeping of You by Valorie Lee SchaeferI had often seen this book along with the book by Dr. Dobson recommended for children on the cusp of puberty.  This one is especially written for girls and basically deals with health and hygiene issuesI think a copy of this book would be a good gift for a ten-year-old girl.

6.  Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney:  This was a post-read.  Bailey borrowed this from the library and really enjoyed it.  I was intrigued and decided to see what it was about.  It’s a fun read with an interesting visual format.  I don’t know if I will read the sequels along with her or not, but at least I know what Bailey means when she talks about “the cheese touch”.

7.  Start Here by Alex and Brett Harris:  This is a companion to their book Do Hard Things.  This one offers more practical suggestions for doing hard things and dealing with life when your attempt at hard things may not work out how you planned or worked beyond your wildest dreams.  I think a lot of adults could stand to read these books to change their own perspectives on life.

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