7 Quick Takes (v. 55)

1.  These are all of the things I should be doing instead of writing this post:  switching out laundry, loading/running the dishwasher, balancing the checkbook, paying bills, making a grocery list.

2.  Katie (3) had her first organized class this morning.  The class involves reading books by Eric Carle and then doing an art project or two.  I could tell that she had a lot of fun, because she didn’t want to leave when the class was over.  I’m not sure how much of it was the class itself and how much was having the opportunity to play with the toys in the preschool room.

3.  Things kind of went downhill from there.  Katie got mad that the class was over and was pretty unbearable for about an hour afterwards.  I don’t know how much of that was disappointment and how much of it was having to get up early and rush out the door before her morning chocolate milk.  Piper (5 1/2) was thrown off, too, because she normally plays on the computer first thing in the morning while drinking her warm chocolate milk, but instead she had opted to go with me.  When we got home, Bailey (8 1/2) got mad because I made her get off the computer so that we could go over the schoolwork she did while we were gone and do her daily spelling test.

4.  Tonight Bailey has her first ceramics class.  Since my husband is going to be out all evening, this time I have to take all four kids with me.  It’s going to be really interesting trying to keep the younger three entertained for an hour and half at the community center.

5.  The room is all ready for my mother-in-law to move in next month.  Now I just need to finish clearing out the garage, so that her car will fit in it.  She’s going to come over tomorrow, so that we can take items to our storage room and Goodwill.  Then she’s going to stay the night as a taste of what is to come.  Sunday morning we’ll all go to Church together.

6.  On Labor Day I went shopping at Kohl’s for some much needed clothes.  I was down to four long-sleeved shirts that somewhat fit me, and they were getting kind of worn out.  I bought a mix of sweaters, knit tops, athletic tops and pants, and knit dresses..   I was going for comfortable but not frumpy.  I also got a fleece jacket.  Probably the most important purchase was a variety of socks, leggings, and thick tights so that I am not stuck in tennis shoes all of the time.

7.  Yesterday, we went to the zoo.  It was a really nice, cool day.  The place was almost empty, and I’m pretty sure that Bailey was the only school-aged child in the entire zoo.  Even though we have been to that zoo at least ten times, we went into the Australia house for the first time and fell in love with the sleeping wombats.  We happened onto a great spot to watch the giraffes, and we got to see the hippo swimming around.  One of the Grizzly bears was napping up against the glass and decided to sit up when we came along.  DH got to do his favorite zoo activity, petting the stingrays.  There was a really playful sea lion pup that kept coming up to the underwater window where the girls were watching and barking at them.  And we got to the lions just as some zookeepers were throwing them meaty bones as a demonstration for a shuttle bus full of “suits”.  It was overall one of our best trips to the zoo.


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