7 Quick Takes (v. 56)

— 1 —

I borrowed the audiobook of Anne of Green Gables from the library a few weeks ago thinking I could con my oldest into listening to it during the 20-minute drive to and from her guitar lessons.  She immediately saw through my attempt at “education” and rebelled.  I continued to listen in spite of her, and I’ve found that I’ve really enjoyed listening as I run around doing my various weekly errands.  I think it helps that this is a book that I’ve read a few times before; I don’t think I could stand the slow pace of read aloud with something I had never read (unless it was something in which a slow pace might be more conducive to meditation on the content).

— 2 —

On a related note, this week Bailey listened to her iPod on the way to guitar class.

— 3 —

I officially declare that I do not potty-train my kids.  I submit that potty-training refers to when parents train themselves to take their small children to the potty at regular intervals throughout the day in order to avoid buying diapers.  I am now going to refer to what I do with my preschoolers as “Potty Initiation”.  I make my preschooler aware around age 2 that the potty is there for her use if she so desires.  I put her in panties for the day with a few reminders to use the potty.  If she goes through a packet of panties in the course of a few hours, I deduce she is not ready and put the panties away for three to six months.  If we have a panty day and she stays mostly dry and uses the potty multiple times without being prompted by me every 15 minutes, then I put her in panties every day after.

— 4 —

On a related note, Katie (3 years, 4 months) has reached Stage 1 of the potty initiation (staying dry all day in panties, using the potty regularly without constant prompting).  And it looks like she will breeze through the other stages quickly.

— 5 —

On Thursday my DD#2, Piper, turns six.  This year she gets a big birthday party with friends at Chuck E. Cheese.  I always hate planning these things because I never know how to handle the guest list.  We can only afford so many kids, and in Piper’s case she wanted a girls-only party.  I don’t want any hurt feelings because someone wasn’t invited.  On the flip side, I always have this nagging fear that of the handful of kids invited none of them are going to show up.  Thankfully I won’t have to go through this again for 2 1/2 years, when Katie turns six.

— 6 —

My parents are coming up to visit this week for Piper’s big birthday.  I can’t wait for them to see how all of the girls have grown and developed since their last visit in May.  I especially can’t wait for them to see Sabrina (15 months).  Now she walks really well, is saying a few words, and is so much more interactive.

— 7 —

The day after Piper’s party my husband and I will be picking up the U-Haul and officially moving my mother-in-law into our house.  My parents are going to watch the girls while we go to her apartment and load up what’s left of her furniture and boxes.  I dread the work, but I’m excited about her finally being here full-time.  I really feel like we are starting an exciting new chapter in our lives.

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