October 2011 Reading List

1.  A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller:  I saw this booked recommended in blog circles I frequent.  For the first few chapters I couldn’t imagine why, but when it kicked it, I understood.  Miller re-examines how we live our lives and offers tips for making the story of our lives better and more meaningful.  My only concern is that Miller is able to control much of his story because he is single.  I wonder how he would expect some of this to work when you have to include another person (or more if you have children) into your story-making process.

2.  Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey:  This was a reread for about the bazillionth time.

3.  The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson:  This book offers more background information about “the girl with the dragon tattoo” as she becomes a murder suspect.

4.  The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest by Stieg Larsson:  This is the final book in the Millennium Trilogy.  All three books were published posthumously, and I can’t help wondering if Larsson would have whittled down all of the exposition.  There is supposedly a fourth book of the series that was 3/4 finished by Larsson and may be finished by his

5.  Story Engineering by Larry Brooks:  This book was recommended by Jen at Conversion Diary, and it is a must have for anyone who is considering writing a book.  I’ve been using it to prepare for National Novel Writing Month, and I have learned so much.

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