November 2011 Reading List

1.  Star Wars:  Fate of the Jedi:  Ascension by Christie Golden:  This is just the next book in the Star Wars series that I read.  Although I must admit, that late middle-aged Luke Skywalker is a much more appealing man than early 20’s Luke Skywalker.

2.  Fertility, Cycle, and Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon:  I read this book a few years ago, and it didn’t do much for me.  This time I got a hold of the latest edition which was totally revamped.  I don’t know if it’s the new format or if I was just more receptive this time around, but now I’m thinking I need my own copy.  While I’ve never had an issue with my fertility, this was the first time I learned that my long, heavy, and painful periods might be within the range of normal for the population at large but they might not really be normal for me.  They might actually be signs of inadequate nutrition.  As a result, I’ve started ProCycle vitamins, flax seed oil capsules, and a Vitamin E capsule every day to get my cycle in better working order.

3.  Signs of Life by Scott Hahn:  This book is a wonderful and informative book about 40 Catholic customs.  For non-Catholics it offers some great explanations about what Catholics believe about these things.  For Catholics it offers bite-size opportunities for learning about and meditating on the faith.  The book has inspired me to incorporate a few different customs into my daily life and given me a greater understanding about others, such as the controversial indulgences.  I read this book slowly over the course of two months; it’s definitely a book to be savored rather than devoured.

4.  Word Freak by Stefan Fatsis:  This book offers an insider’s view into competitive Scrabble.  I’ve always liked Scrabble, and I’d already been playing lots of Words with Friends on Facebook.  But reading this book made me kind of obsessed with the game.  I actually ended up by a Scrabble PC game because of it.  It asks the question, though, are crazy-people naturally attracted to Scrabble or does Scrabble make people crazy?

5.  Star Wars:  Choices of One by Timothy Zahn:  This “sequel” story takes place between the movies A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.  Zahn goes back to explore more facets of Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn, two legendary characters he first introduced in his Thrawn Trilogy (which basically kicked off the Star Wars expanded universe in the early 90’s).  It was a little strange, though, going back to naive and inexperienced 18-year-old Luke Skywalker after recently reading about Grand Master Luke Skywalker fighting the Sith with his teenage son.


6.  Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery:  I actually listened to this on Audio book over the course of two months while I ran errands in my van (that’s why I almost forgot to count it).  Of all the Green Gables books, the first two are probably the ones that I have reread the least, so a lot of it was new again.  And there were certain insights about the story that have come with age.

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