7 Quick Takes (v. 58)

1.  After today we are starting two full weeks of Christmas break from homeschooling.  We’ve been on a reduced schedule this past week (just math and spelling for Bailey), and we’ll do another reduced week before starting our Spring semester in January.  This of course means that I have roughly three weeks to put the finishing touches on the Spring semester, and then I’ll have to start thing thinking about the summer and next school year.  I actually like the planning part of homeschooling, but I’m glad that it’s something I can do in spurts for the most part.

2.  Katie is getting ready to go through a big transition whether she is ready for it or not.  After things settle down in January (as if things ever really do settle down around here), she’ll be switching places in the family bed with Sabrina to move to the twin bed.  This is so we can eventually transition her out of our room completely after she turns four in May.  Of course, before she can completely move out we still have to get two sets of bunk beds for the girls’ room or there will be nowhere for her to go.  That will have to wait for our tax refund.

3.  Sabrina is at such a great age right now.  They are so much fun at 18 months (until they start going nuts at 2 1/2).  And she seems to have a sweet temperament anyway.  She loves to eat and will try almost any new food.  And no one likes to get cozy as much as Sabrina.  She’ll grab a blanket and pillow and curl up on the couch to watch her show.  She’s also discovered singing lately, treating us to Jingle Bells last night at dinner.

4.  Piper was so psyched to see Santa the other day.  She’s been torturing me with Fijit Friends videos off YouTube for months now, so Santa better deliver.  😉

5.  Bailey started playing basketball a few weeks ago with the same sports organization for girls that she played softball through in the spring.  Apparently their use of the term “organization” is still applied loosely for the basketball division as well.  Her coach is very frustrated that she hasn’t even been given a schedule for any more practices or the first games, which are supposed to be just a few weeks away.  But Bailey has been enjoying basketball much more than softball because basketball is more active and it’s indoors.

6.  We’ve had a fairly mild fall/early winter so far this year.  There have only been two snow falls, and everything melted immediately.  This might be the first brown Christmas we’ve experienced since we moved up here to the Chicago area in 2003, although they were the norm back in Kentucky.  I’m totally not complaining.  I really don’t miss slipping and sliding on an icy driveway when I go to take the garbage out.

7.  Yesterday I went to the grocery store to pick up some steak and potatoes for Christmas dinner.  Today and tomorrow I need to get everyone bathed and the downstairs cleaned up.  We’re going to try hitting the Christmas Vigil Mass for the first time this year instead of going on Christmas morning.  Maybe I can use the Christmas Eve present as leverage for good behavior during Mass.  LOL


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2 Comments on “7 Quick Takes (v. 58)”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Hey Barb, you mentioned bunk beds. We bought a set from bunk bed king (an online store) for Maddie’s room a couple of months ago. They were cheaper than anything I could find locally, delivered quickly and it’s super sturdy.

    • barboo77 Says:

      Well, price is certainly a factor, but I’ll probably need to buy some where that will come and do set up as well. I’ll keep that in mind.

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