Wrapping Up Fall 2011

Wow, another semester (and almost another year) is over.  We’re officially on two weeks of Christmas break.  We finished up most of our semester on December 16th, but then Bailey had a light week of math and spelling.  We’ll do another light week of math and spelling before officially starting the Spring 2012 semester on January 16th.

I feel like we got a lot accomplished this semester.  Bailey did very well on writing complete sentences and getting her capitalization and punctuation under control in her journal writing.  She read about Mozart and George Washington and a junior edition of Gulliver’s Travels during her independent reading time in addition to other history selections from Story of the World (v. 3).  She did 85 spelling tests within Sequential Spelling.  And in history we covered the time period between 1650 and 1800, including the American Revolution.

Bailey also completed Wordly Wise 3000 level 3, and next semester she’ll be moving on to Vocabulary from Classical Roots level 4.  And having completed the CD-ROM for Mind Benders A3 & A4 for her Logic, she’ll move on to Mind Benders B1 & B2.  It’s made for grades 7-12, so we may have to do a slower pace with it if it becomes too over-whelming

Religion was a little bumpy since we lost her catechism for about three weeks.  I had to wing the instruction with a review of several important prayers.  Her Achilles heel this semester was division, specifically the long variety.  There were many, many tears shed.  But she is starting to get it, and I know that by the end of next semester it will be no worse than subtraction is for her now (unpleasant but not seemingly impossible).

Piper is doing really well with her kindergarten work.  She has almost completed the first two workbooks on her Explode the Code Online.  Her interest in it has waned some as it has become more challenging, but at the same time she was excited to see how well she could now read some little primers I had tucked away.  She is just breezing through first grade level math, and if she had her preference she would do math every day.  I don’t want her to completely neglect her reading instruction, though (especially since it’s a paid subscription with a time limit).  I also don’t want her rushing through her math and getting so far ahead that she suddenly finds herself in over her head.  Next semester I might consider expanding her schoolwork to doing both everyday.

I feel like I have kind of let Katie down.  When things started being set in motion for my mother-in-law to move in, our daily story and activity time kind of fell to the wayside.  But now that Granny is here she has had another person who likes to read her stories.  She also likes to spend hours just looking through books lately, so I have been trying to get her some stuff she might be interested in from the library.  For instance, when she took an interest in space I borrowed a few easy readers about the solar system.  I’m really hoping in January to incorporate a little workbook or other activity work with her each day.

Sabrina is having a language explosion as she has started saying new words, mimicking her sisters a lot.  It will be interesting to see how much she grows and developments over the next five months.

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