December 2011 Reading List

Oh, goodness.  I must admit that the month of December is kind of  a haze to me.  So, I will try to reconstruct what I read for the month.  I know it was mostly re-reads because I was too tired to really focus on anything new that required more attention and thought.  Let’s see.

1, 2, and 3.  Star Wars:  Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn:  These three books basically kicked off the Star Wars expanded universe and introduced many important non-movie characters such as Mara Jade, Talon Kaarde, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Captain Pellaeon.  After reading the newer Timothy Zahn Star Wars book last month I felt compelled to go back and reread these favorites.

4.  Mr. Darcy’s Daughters by Elizabeth Aston:  I like Aston’s Pride & Prejudice sequels because I think they are in keeping with Austen’s style and give one a really good understanding of the time period.  I just kind of grabbed this off my bookshelf on the go for a reread.

4 1/2.  Star Wars:  Vision of the Future by Timothy Zahn:  This is actually the second in a two-book series that takes place about ten years after Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy.  I’m only counting it has half of a book, though, because I just skipped through to read the sections about Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade.  I was surprised to realize for the first time that the closing scene of the book is a throwback to the closing scene of the Thrawn Trilogy.



It’s hard to believe that another year has passed, or that I’ve been keeping track of my reading for three years now.  I decided to take a detailed look back through three-years of books as I organized my stats for 2011.  I considered noting which books I had reread multiple times, and which genre or subject I had read the most.  But then I wondered how insane I was to even consider such a project much less think I had the time or energy to do it.  But I do like keeping track of what I have read.  It’s almost like a diary in and of itself.

In 2011 I read a total of 66.5 books.  My book count was down from the two previous years (90 and 91 respectively).  At first I thought this was because it took me an entire month to get through Anna Karenina, and then I gave up reading books for Lent.  Surprisingly I read more during the first half of the year (36) in spite of Anna Karenina and Lent.  June ended up being my biggest month with 12 books.  (Two of those were books that I previewed/read along with Bailey.)

So, I don’t know what happened in 2011.  In the end, though, reading is about enjoyment and learning and not just racking up tally marks.  We’ll just have to see what good books 2012 brings.

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