Don’t You Know What Causes That?

I present you this passage from Simcha Fisher’s latest hilarious blog post about her attainable resolutions for each month of 2012:

MARCH:  Have a sudden, irrational, and unshakable conviction that I’m pregnant.  Freak out, then feel horribly guilty that I’m freaking out instead of rejoicing.  Freak out even more.  Pray.  Through a tremendous effort and influx of grace, discover a place of peace.  Rearrange plans for the future (no garden).  Tell a few hundred close personal friends our news with sincere joy, mixed with only a few small grains of resentment and dread.

Find out I’m not, of course, pregnant. Cry.

Well, throw in some nausea, dizziness, hunger, and extreme exhaustion, and this pretty much describes my December.  Except for the fact, that I really am pregnant!!!

Cobb baby #5 is due August 8, 2012!  Don’t we know what causes that?  I don’t know what to say.  Ricky looks at me, and I get pregnant!  I guess I could gouge is eyes out, but the Catholic Church really frowns on mutilating healthy organs, especially someone else’s.

Be prepared for lots of Facebook posts complaining about nausea, dizziness, hunger, and extreme exhaustion, because I’ve really been holding back to avoid giving the game away.  And then come July be prepared for lots of Facebook posts complaining about back pain, heartburn, and extreme exhaustion.  But in August be prepared for sighs and coos over a sweet little baby.  Then we won’t be able to imagine how our lives could have been complete without #5.

The picture quality of this ultrasound isn’t the best, and it gets lost even more in scanning.  The little peanut of white inside the big black bean part is Baby #5.  You might be able to make out the little computer-imposed plus signs and dots that the doctor used to measure.

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2 Comments on “Don’t You Know What Causes That?”

  1. Stacy Travis Says:

    Congratulations Cobb family!

  2. Aaaaaaa, congratulations! Here’s to 7-8 months of “Wow, this is the easiest pregnancy yet” (if only so your husband can retain all his organs). So happy for you!

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