Some Sort of Quick Takes

Since I am not looking at blogs for Lent, I am not participating in 7 Quick Takes via Conversion Diary.  But I figured that I would post some sort of quick takes.  I don’t quite know how many there will be, though.

1.  My Lenten observances have been so eye-opening and just plain good.  Cutting out all of the blogs, avoiding getting into new shows on Netflix,  hiding annoying Facebook posts, and avoiding commenting on Facebook has opened up a ton of time.  At first I was worried that I might not know what to do with myself, but to be honest I don’t know how I ever had so much time to waste on that stuff because some days I am don’t have time to check my Facebook or e-mail at all.  Needless to say, the house is the cleanest that it has been in months.

2.  I was making an order from an online Catholic store, and I came across A Mother’s Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot.  I had heard good buzz about this book for years.  While I don’t see myself making a strict rule for myself, it was worth it to learn the 5 P’s of Marriage:  1) Prayer, 2) Person, 3) Partner, 4) Parent, and 5) Provider.  Those should be the priorities of married people in order.  For more information you’ll have to read the book, but, personally, it inspired me to incorporate prayer time into my daily routines in addition to making a few other changes.

3.  Another thing I ordered from the Catholic store was the March issue of Magnificat.  It’s one of those things I had seen around, and I thought might be interesting.  For each day of the month it has morning prayers and readings, the readings for the daily Mass, essays for contemplation, and prayers for the evening.  Every day I read the morning prayers along with the daily meditation from Amy Welborn’s A Catholic Woman’s Book of Days while I drink my coffee.  If I have time at lunch, I look through the Mass readings.  And sometimes I get to the evening prayers.  I really like that it’s a very slim volume that easily slips into my coat pocket when I am on the go, too.

4.  I’ve had a couple of different projects going on the past few weeks.  The most over-whelming one has been preparing the girls room in order to move Katie in there after she turns 4 in May.  Basically, I need to be able to fit three beds and clothing store for five kids as well as toy and knick-knack storage.

Phase 1 was just completed.  We got these bunk beds from Ashley furniture for $285; the mattresses actually cost more than the bed frame.  Then I bought these two Trofast frames from IKEA (one 57″ and one 37″) and a mix of different-sized storage boxes and shelves.  I wanted a storage system that would be versatile and would fit in the space between what will eventually be two sets of bunk beds.

I have more plans for the room, but I’ve been waiting on our tax refund which was just deposited today.  I plant to post pictures of the finished room when everything is done.

5.  Sabrina (21 months) is just having a language boom.  She’s putting together complete sentences left and right and adding new vocabulary words every day.  And it’s amazing the variety of foods that she is willing to try and actually likes.  She has been my best eater of the four so far.

6.  Piper (6) taught Katie how to use the mouse on the computer the other day.  Piper didn’t realize that she would be creating another computer addict in the house.  Katie now wants to play Jump Start Artist all day everyday.  So, I’ve had to pull my timer out in order to help her understand that she can only play on the computer for a limited time.

7.  Somehow I keep getting issues of a baby magazine.  My obstetrician office swears that they haven’t sold my information, but I don’t know how else I magically started getting these things.  The only other companies that could know I’m currently pregnant are the phlebotomist and the health insurance.  I usually browse through the magazine, but so much of the information is just so far removed from who I am as a parent and person.  Because this will be baby #5, and I’ve amassed quite a bit of experience at this point.  But even with baby #1 I could care less about coordinating baby gear or a perfectly decorated nursery.  None my babies have ever had a nursery at all.

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One Comment on “Some Sort of Quick Takes”

  1. laurke Says:

    Might I suggest using “Computer Time”? You can set up different limits/times of day/days of week for each child. It has been a life-saver for me!! Its not expensive at all, and works perfectly.

    Also – totally jealous that you can communicate with Sabrina! Our 4yr old “goofy” barely speaks in sentences and every word is a struggle for me to understand.

    Glad your lent is going well!

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