7 Quick Takes (v. 60): Parental Visit Edition

1.  Well, I gave up reading blogs for Lent, so I also didn’t participate in 7 Quick Takes, either.  And on my first eligible week to do so, I was just too busy.  My parents came in from Kentucky for a visit, and no matter how comfortable you are with your company it is always hectic when you have some.

2.  We usually eat out a lot when my parents are in, and I really have become aware of how outrageously large restaurant portions are.  By the last evening of their visit we all just ended up eating leftovers for dinner since we had so many stacking up in the fridge.  The kids and I were still eating leftovers for a day or two after they left.

3.  We went to the Museum of Science and Industry last Friday.  It was the first time we had been there in eight years.  For as close as we live to Chicago, we have rarely gone down there for anything other than sporting events.  It just seems less over-whelming when we have extra eyes and hands to deal with all of the kids.  My husband and I are thinking, though, that we might try to take the kids to more of the museums this summer instead of the zoo.

4.  We debated for awhile between the MSI and the Field Museum.  The Field Museum obviously has Sue, the T-Rex, and other dinosaur bones in its favor, but the MSI seemed like it might have more interactive activities for all of the kids.  We did the 20-minute presentation on the Zephyr train.  We also paid extra to take the U-boat tour. (The presentation was a bit too scary for the 6, 3, and 22-month old, and I had to keep leading them ahead and away of the rest of the tour group).  But all four of them had a blast at the Idea Factory.  (Note to self:  I need to take them back to the DuPage Children’s Museum.)  We obviously did not have the time or energy to hit every exhibit, but we tried to hit the ones we thought that everyone would enjoy the most.

5.  One of the big things the kids look forward to when Memaw and Papaw visit is going swimming at the indoor pool at their hotel.  I dug out my maternity swim bottoms and threw on a t-shirt to cover my belly where my swim top no longer will.  Sabrina (22 months) spent most of the time happily sitting on the steps and splashing away.  Katie (almost 4) spent a lot of time on the steps, too, but I took her around on an inner tube a few times.  I wasn’t sure we were ever going to get Piper (6) out of the pool, but she has always been my little fish.  And Bailey (9) was big enough to walk to the deep end (4ft) without sinking under the water.  It really pumped the older three up for their swim lessons that started the day after Memaw and Papaw left.

6.  My mom and I were able to sneak out for a little while for some girl talk.  We went to the local library, so that I could pick up some books for the kids.  Then we grabbed some chocolate bars and milk from the library cafe and sat down at one of the tables.  My mom and I usually talk for about an hour per week on the phone, but it was nice to do it without the constant distraction of food requests, preschooler potty problems, or sibling bickering in the background.

7.  Normally my parents’ visits coincide with one kid’s birthday.  They were actually not supposed to visit until Sabrina’s 2nd birthday in June.  However, we decided to change the plans when we found out that #5 is on the way.  The next time they come back will be when #5 makes his or her arrival in early August.  Before I head to the hospital I’ll give them a call, and they’ll start making their way up here.  There won’t be any big activity trips or swimming or eating out at restaurants;  that visit will be hectic in a completely different way.  So, it was pretty nice to be able to do all of those things this time.

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