4 Years of a Surprise

Four years ago today, a most wonderful surprise was born into the world.  From the moment of her conception, she started teaching me lessons.  The first one was humility before the will and power of God and wariness in trying to play God too much myself.  You see this baby girl was an unplanned pregnancy (cue the ominous music).

Next she taught me that doctors sometimes make things sound worse than they really are to protect their own asses, and that the Culture of Death is so prominent that one minute you might be looking at your baby’s beautiful bones on an ultrasound monitor and the very next minute you could have someone telling you “if you would want to abort you better make a decision soon”.  You see, my unborn baby girl had a couple of markers that could have indicated either Downs Syndrome or the usually fatal Trisomy-18.  They couldn’t say for sure that she had either one without an amniocentesis (which can cause premature labor/abortion and also come back with false positives).  In reality she had neither.  All of her markers resolved themselves within 10 weeks, and she was born perfectly healthy.

For the past year she has been teaching me a lot of lessons in patience, as she has inflicted us all with the Terrible Threes.  She has reminded me once again that each child, even those coming from the same genetic pool, is unique.  But she has also reminded me about the wonder of discovering how the world works.

So, let me tell you a little bit about Katelyn Ryan.

  1. She will emphatically tell you that her name is just “Katie”.
  2. She thinks her oldest sister, Bailey, is crazy.
  3. She idolizes her older sister, Piper.
  4. She loves her younger sister, Sabrina.
  5. She thinks her daddy is the strongest and her most favorite guy in the world.
  6. She is the first one who got to feel her newest brother or sister move in Mommy’s belly.
  7. She loves “magic” chocolate milk (aka Tru Moo).
  8. She sleeps with Cookie Monster every night.
  9. This past year she learned how to use the potty, write her name, and work the mouse on the computer among many, many other things.
  10. She loves to snuggle and read books and give kisses and hugs.
  11. And today Katie is 4 Years Old!!


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