7 Quick Takes (v. 62): Things that Give Me Hope

1.  Today we finished our spring homeschooling semester.  Woohoo!!  It’s not that I don’t still really enjoy teaching my kids at home, but even when you really enjoy something you need a short break from it so that you can continue to fully appreciate it.  It gives me hope that we’ll come back mentally refreshed in a few weeks for our light summer session.

2.  Yesterday we went to our local outdoor mall for a family trip to the pretzel shop.  Once we finished our snacks the kids asked to play in the splash pad area, which hadn’t been turned on yet.  It was heart-warming to watch the older three girls taking turns watching over their youngest sister as she climbed up on the different apparatus and gently helping her down when she seemed to get a little nervous.  It gave me hope that they all might get along someday despite the incessant fussing and fighting that seems to happen at home.

3.  The three older girls have been taking swim classes two days each week for the past five weeks.  It has been as emotional roller coaster after each class as at least one kid will be excited to go back while another whines about going back, and then the kids decide to switch roles after the next class.  Now they are in the middle of the second session with two weeks left to go, and Bailey is actually swimming and Piper has stopped being scared of putting her head under the water.  It gives me hope that maybe I did the right thing by forcing all of us to persevere through this emotional and busy experience.

4.  On Tuesday I will be going for my ultrasound at 29 weeks gestation.  Even though I know that it probably isn’t medically necessary, I LOVE seeing that heartbeat and all of those little bones on the screen.  It renews my hopes and dreams for this little person that has been jabbing all over the inside of my abdomen in recent weeks.

5.  This week I was involved in a Facebook “discussion” with a former co-worker.  While I certainly didn’t expect him to agree with my position on the issue, it really bugged me the way he tended to stereotype those who disagreed with him, as well as the blatant errors in his “facts”.  Finally, while we agreed to disagree on certain things, he did finally affirm that I had provided ample references to prove that some of his “facts” were distorted.  It gave me hope that there are people out there able to assess information that disagrees with their assumptions and actually admit that they were wrong.

6.  Just as I was gracefully backing out of the “discussion”, my acquaintance went on to make one more erroneous and irrational statement.  I restrained the temptation to educate him yet again.  It gives me hope that maybe I have developed enough maturity to walk away and just accept an imperfect victory as a victory none-the-less.

7.  Back in January I put together a two-page “To Do” list for the next six months.  This list didn’t include the usual workload of homeschooling and making sure every one has clean underwear, but it involved special projects from making appointments to refurnishing the big girls’ room to giving all the baby books a much-needed update.  So far I’ve completed 35 of the original 43 on the list.  It gives me hope that maybe I’m not quite as lazy as I worry that I am.

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One Comment on “7 Quick Takes (v. 62): Things that Give Me Hope”

  1. Wow! Way to go on your to do list! Doesn’t that just make you feel so wonderful?

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