Happy Birthday to…..

ME!!!!  Today I turn the big 3-5!!  And I think I now qualify as a “geriatric pregnancy”.  LOL

I couldn’t go out today to celebrate due to an unavoidable appointment.  I know that for a lot of people spending time with their family is how they celebrate, but since I am with my family all the time, it’s more of a treat for me to go out by myself—for fun, not grocery shopping.  So, on Saturday I went out for about five or six hours all by my lonesome.

First I went to the library to pick up some books they were holding for me.  And then I went to see a movie all by myself.  I could have waited to watch the Hunger Games in a year or two on DVD or Netflix, but I decided that I wanted to enjoy sitting in the nice, cool air conditioning for two hours with out other people talking to me or expecting anything from me.  I didn’t have to make a compromise on what to see.  I didn’t buy a single over-priced item from the concession stand.  And I didn’t have to take anyone to the bathroom (except myself afterwards).

Next I went to Pepe’s for a nice meal.  I chowed down on their delicious salsa (my favorite), ordered a non-alcoholic pina colada, devoured two chicken enchiladas suiza, and treated myself to some friend ice cream.  I didn’t have to listen to people complain about how they don’t like Pepe’s, try to figure out meals that fit into each munchkins’ unique dietary habits, cut up anyone else’s food before I could eat my own, or argue about how we can’t afford to get everyone their own dessert.  I just read one of my library books quietly while I stuffed my face.

After my belly was full, I went to the nearest Best Buy and bought myself a birthday present:  the Acer 7″ Iconia A100 Tablet.  I had been coveting it for about a month.  I really love my laptop, and I will still probably use it as my primary electronic device.  But I spend a lot of time sitting around the parks district buildings while my kids are in activities.  I thought it would be nice to have something a little less bulky than my laptop to take with me.  (Not to mention how sweet it will be to access Netflix when I’m in the hospital with #5 instead of being stuck with the meager television options during a 3 a.m. nursing session).  I chose the 7″ over the 10″ because it was cheaper and more likely to fit in the one purse that I use when I’m not carrying a diaper bag or stuffing everything in my coat pockets.  (Actually, it might even fit in my coat pocket…)

On a day to day basis, I thought the tablet might free me up to be more available on the couch.  A lot of the times the kids don’t care if I’m reading or even sleeping on the couch while they watch television or look through their own books; they just like having me there to snuggle with.  And when the new baby comes I know that I will be spending a lot of time on the couch, and this will give me something to do besides watch 500 episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba, Power Puff Girls, or Big Time Rush.

So, today on my actual birthday I’m pretty much cruising through like it was any other day:  working on laundry, cleaning up messes, and getting things done.  But now that I’ve had my day out alone, I think I might also take some extra time today just to celebrate by snuggling on the couch with my girls and soaking up these moments with them while I can.  When you wake up one morning and you’re suddenly 35, you really realize how quickly the time slips away.

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