7 Quick Takes (v. 63)

1.  I’m squeezing these in on Saturday again, because I just had a very busy Friday.  I spent most of the morning and early afternoon giving my kitchen a good cleaning.  Counters, appliances, and walls all needed a basic wipe down.  The floor was in desperate need of mopping.  It was to the point that instead of our feet making the floor dirty the floor was making our feet dirty!  I don’t know how it got that bad.  I am sure I mopped it at least a month or two ago.  😉

2.  I had some really good help from my second daughter Piper (6).  She was the early bird that got me up and moving yesterday morning.  But she volunteered to wipe down the kitchen table and chairs for me.  With a little help from Sabrina (almost 2), she scrubbed crayon off the sliding doors to our back deck.  And then she took a scrub brush and soapy water to an area of the kitchen floor that mopping just wouldn’t thoroughly get.

3.  After I took a quick shower, we loaded up the family and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  I was squished in the booth between Sabrina and Katie (4).  While Katie, as usual, wouldn’t eat a single thing on the menu (just a pack of peanut butter crackers from my bag), Sabrina kept stealing food off my plate every five seconds:  half of a roll with cinnamon butter, cheese fries, all of the cooked baby carrots from my side of mixed vegetables, some of the broccoli, and even some green beans (which she normally doesn’t like).  I offered her some steak, which she also likes, but at that point she was either full or just ready to color for awhile.

4.  Last night I was struck by just how big my oldest girl, Bailey (9 1/2) is getting.  She gracefully ordered her own meal from the adult menu.  Then when we went to the mall after dinner I watched her politely approach an employee at Claire’s to ask a question and thank her for the information she received.  When I was nine, I probably was still having my mom ask questions for me.  I was very proud of her.

5.  I just started reading Parenting with Grace by Gregory and Lisa Popcak.  I’m only a few chapters in, but I’ve been really impressed so far on how they address why Catholic parenting approaches might be different than what you find in other parenting books.  I’ve already received a lot of food for thought.  But I think when it comes to their suggestion to find each child’s “love learning style”, I can’t help thinking that they would have been better off referring to people to The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, which is so much more in-depth.

6.  I must admit that one reason the house has been such a mess is that I had been kind of lazy the most of the week.  With no homeschooling our routines were all off, and I wasted a lot of time playing on the internet.  It doesn’t help that my mother-in-law has been out of town this week.  It’s not just because she helps me with some of the house upkeep but because she also inspires me to work a little harder around the house out of consideration for her.  Hopefully, I can keep the house straightened up enough, so that she doesn’t regret coming home on Tuesday.

7.  I did finally get around to having my ultrasound this week.  I don’t think the specialist to whom my midwives refer all patients for Level 2 ultrasounds was really happy about me having waited until 29 weeks.  But we learned that #5 is yet another girl!!  My husband just keeps saying, “Five girls” with an incredulous look on his face.  LOL

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One Comment on “7 Quick Takes (v. 63)”

  1. Teri Says:

    Just found your blog..love it! I am a Catholic homeschooling mom of 3 girls also in IL!

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