M-m-m-My Sabrina!

Today my Sabrina celebrated her second birthday.  She is at such a fun and delightful age.  She loves to sing and “shake the booty”.  She likes to help me with the laundry and the dishes.  She has the best little manners, often saying “No, thank you” when offered something that she doesn’t want.  She is full of kisses and hugs for everyone in the family.  And her little voice with its sweet giggles and her imitation of Swiper the Fox when she’s being mischievous constantly bring smiles to our faces.

As far as I can tell, Sabrina’s only bad habits are forgetting that we only write on paper (as opposed to the walls, couches, or our skin; occasionally trying to eat non-food items; and being a little too chatty during Mass (often pointing out Jesus on the cross very loudly).  But she should grow out of all three over time.

If you ask her three older sisters, they will all regularly tell you that Sabrina is their favorite sister.  They often fight over who gets to snuggle with her.  We call Sabrina “The Queen of Cozy” because she is known for grabbing a pillow and a blanket and making a cozy nest to lie down either by herself or with someone else.  And even though she is getting bigger every day, she still has all of that sweet, soft baby skin (not to mention an abundance of feather-like hair).

And she is getting so big that it’s not really right to think of her as “the baby” anymore (and not just because she has a new sister expected in August).  I’ve been trying to retrain us all to think of her as “the toddler”.  She talks up a storm, putting together five and six-word sentences all of the time.  She can count to ten, even if she really doesn’t know that numbers equals amounts.  When it comes to playing, she tries to get right into the games with her older sisters.  She’ll also quote her favorite show Yo Gabba Gabba to let you know “I’m not the baby!”

I know that this next year will be full of joys and challenges as we enter the Transitional Twos.  As the months go by Sabrina will start asserting her autonomy, individuality, and independence a little bit more.  She’ll want more control over picking out her clothes.  We already hear “I do it myself” quite a bit.  And by this time next year she will be even less of a baby.  So, we’re all just trying to soak up the sweetness of this age as much as we can.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sabrina!!

**Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a “birthday picture” today, because our digital camera has died.  I figured out how take pictures with the camera on my tablet, but I am still trying to figure out how to access them and get them on my computer.  So, I had to use this picture from last month.

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