7 Quick Takes (v. 65)

1.  I am usually not one to condemn a book without actually having read it, but from what I can tell, the very popular Fifty Shades of Grey is mainly porn for women…and I don’t mean in the “setting up fantasy delusions about romantic love” kind of way…more similar to the male version of actual porn.  I think I’ll pass.

2.  Summer activities through our parks district started this week.  Bailey (9) and I were going through the catalog trying to come up with options that interest her and fit our schedule, since she is still unsure if she wants to go back to gymnastics or not.  One of the available classes was a cooking class for kids 6 to 9 years old.  She immediately got excited at the idea that her younger sister, Piper, could do the class with her.  Meanwhile, Piper, who had been pretty sure she didn’t really want to do any organized activities this summer (she’s more of a homebody) started to like the idea, too.

Here they spend almost all day of every day together.  They just finished two sessions of swim class together.  Neither one is scared or incapable of doing an activity without the other.  They have both done so before.  Yet, when given the opportunity, they have chosen to do another class together.  It warms the cockles of this mother’s heart (somewhere in the sub-cockle region).

3.  Last week I got around to doing some shopping for Baby Girl #5 (only eight weeks to go!).  I had a few Toys ‘R’ Us gift cards and decided to see what I could find in the clothing department for the amount I had.  I couldn’t believe how jacked up the prices were, especially on the Carter’s clothes.  But I found some great deals on the clearance rack, including a $40 infant snow suit for $12.

4.  I also picked up this Infantino Swift Classic Carrier.  I admit that it was an impulse buy.  I’ve been wanting a sling with a little more even weight distribution on my shoulders and back than my Maya Wrap, even though I still really like it, too.  I tried the Catbird Baby Sling with my last baby, and I could never get it to fit comfortably on my frame.  I figured that for $16 bucks I would give the Infantino a try.

5.  Back in March I shelled out the money for a Magnificat subscription.  Magnificat has prayers, liturgical readings, and meditations for every day of the month.  The May issue arrived to our house not long after and then completely disappeared.  I spent the entire months of May looking for that thing.  On June 2nd it reappeared completely out of nowhere.  I walked into the living room, and it was sitting on the arm of the couch.  WTFlip??

6.  As of today, our family has had 13 various appointments and two classes in the month of June.  There are six more appointments and 4 more classes scheduled.  And there may be another two or three appointments yet to be scheduled.  Let’s just say that we are extremely busy right now.  I’ve taken to carrying around a copy of our wall calendar, so that I don’t double-book anything.  I’ve already decided that I am not scheduling any thing that is not absolutely necessary after July 19th just in case I go into labor early.

7.  While I finished editing this post, I added some of my favorite CD’s to my computer.  I’m trying to put together a few different play-lists for the hospital.  So far I have the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet and a mix of Catholic hymns from the Daughters of St. Paul choir.  I’m currently putting together an Upbeat Mix in case I feel like dancing my way through contractions and a Mellow Mix in case I go into labor in the middle of the night yet again and spend large stretches of my labor just wanting to lie down.

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