7 Quick Takes (v. 66): Baby Stuff

1.  This week I switched all of the older kids seating arrangements to make room for the infant car seat.  I think the only one that is not completely freaked out is Sabrina (2).  She’s just as content sitting in the seat behind her daddy and letting him buckle her as she was behind me.  The other three are constantly complaining and fussing and fighting.

2.  The only actual baby-related things that are left to do before I go into labor are:  install the infant seat, switch the double stroller back to a two-seater from a sit-and-stand, get the bouncy seats and nursing pillows out of the closet, and pack my hospital bag.  I should probably wash the baby’s new clothes, too, but I can’t help wondering at this point if that is absolutely necessary or one of those anal retentive over-board things all of the baby books tell you to do to prove before birth that you are a good parent.

3.  I had to have a second external ultrasound this week.  They have been kind of worried about Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) because my uterus has been measuring small again (as it does every pregnancy) and the baby’s abdomen was slightly small at my first ultrasound.  But this time they said she was perfectly within normal ranges for gestational age, weighing in at approximately 4 pounds and 2 ounces.  We even got this great picture of her.

4.  We kind of have a name front-runner.  We don’t absolutely love it, but we just can’t think of anything we like better.  I told my husband that I would really like to use a saint’s name for at least one of the names, and there is one that sounds really, really good with the first name we are considering.  Neither name is super popular, but interestingly they were back-to-back on the top 1000 names for 2011 according to the Social Security Administration.  But we never reveal chosen names to anyone other than grandparents until after the baby is born.

5.  I bought some new nursing bras and nursing tanks at Motherhood Maternity last week.  There’s one bra that I could just live in all of the time if I wasn’t sweating like a pig in The House Built Without Heating/Air Ducts, but alas it needs to be washed after a day or two of absorbing all that sweat.  I am also really digging the tanks because I can wear them right now on their on when it is hot, and I should be able to wear them under other shirts during cold weather.

6.  Partly due to the whole IUGR concern, I had to have my check-up today with one of the doctors in my OB practice instead of my usual midwives.  Whenever I am pregnant I develop a fairly innocuous condition called thrombocytopoenia.  Basically my platelet count starts dropping which could cause clotting issues if I wanted/needed an epidural during labor.  There is not really anything that can be done to make my platelet count increase, but the doctor suggested loading up on high-iron foods for the next 7 weeks since iron helps blood clot better.  I see lots of meat, broccoli and eggs in my future.

7.  We’re up to 15 appointments and 4 classes attended so far for the month of June.  You know your life is crazy hectic when you think to yourself, “I’ll get a lot more time to rest and relax when the baby comes.”  LOL

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