7 Quick Takes (v. 67)

1.  On Sunday we took the girls to our village’s annual summer picnic, which is within walking distance of our house.  It was so sweet to watch Sabrina (2) gently patting the rabbits, pigs, goats, calf, and baby llama at the petting zoo.  [I think she’s going to be really good with the new baby.]  But it was even sweeter to see her having so much fun on her first pony ride.  She wasn’t scared at all.  She kept smiling and laughing and waving to her sisters on the other ponies and talking about how much she loved horses and ponies.

2.  When I picked up my 4-year-old from her princess class on Tuesday, the teachers started warning me about how she was sitting on the carpet all wrong and how I needed to break her of it because it was bad for her hips.  Apparently what she was doing is called W-sitting, and it is the most horrible thing that any self-respecting parent could allow their child to do.  (Insert eye roll.)

On one level I understand that this might be an issue for kids in preschool classes multiple days per week.  But I’m really not too worried about it since except for when Katie is at her princess class (or a similar class that involves circle time on a rug) one hour per week she rarely sits on the floor.  At home she’s usually sitting on the couch or on a chair if she is sitting at all.  Even when she and her sisters imagine play with toys they often set them up on the kitchen table and not the floor.  But consider this a PSA about the dangers of W-sitting.

3.  In related princess class news, I was way more concerned about the fairy wands they constructed in class with ten tons of glitter.  Maybe it’s because of the the three years I spent in my youth gluing pounds of glitter onto award-winning Pegasus Parade floats and then picking said glitter out of my underwear for the next nine months, but I would very happy to never ever see glitter again as long as I live.

4.  When I took the older two girls in for their cleanings at our new dental office, I was not too surprised when the dentist recommended an orthodontic consult for my nine-year-old.  I knew that it was just a matter of time before she was going to need some work and apparently that time has come.  One of the perks of the new place is that they have an orthodontics department in the same office, and I was able to schedule Bailey’s orthodontic consult right after my dental cleaning next week.

5.  I’ve been taking the time this week to include Katie when we do our summer school work.  I’ve procrastinated terribly about including her even though she has shown some interest.  We started Singapore Essential Math Kindergarten A on Monday, and she did 8 pages in one sitting before I made her stop.  We’ll probably alternate between that and the Kumon Uppercase Letters workbook I started with her ages ago.

6.  I borrowed Kenneth C. Davis’ Don’t Know Much About American History from the library to help with my history prep work for the fall.  While his books aren’t perfect (there is no such thing as a perfect history book IMO because history is too complex), I like his bare bones, question and short essay answer format.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to take the time to match up particular page numbers with every single related subtopic in my Modern History outline or just read the relevant chapters with the girls and hope that it will pretty much cover the main points of my outline.  And then I need to figure out if I’m going to use it instead of or in conjunction with the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History on certain topics.  I think it will probably depend on how tired/over-whelmed I feel when I’m trying to teach history with a newborn.

7.  I had the chance to fellowship with some of the women from my homeschooling group as well as women from the other Catholic parish in our town last night.  It’s not something that I get to do very often with our hectic schedule, and I liked that this event was more about fellowship and inspiration rather than being an organization.  [I am just not in a position to be involved in anything that involves on-going responsibilities and expectations.]  I just wish that I didn’t have to wait until September for the next event, but the number of nursing babies in the room (including a newborn) made the idea of returning with a newborn a little less over-whelming.

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