Going to the Hospital Round 5

Back in May of 2008 I posted about what I had packed in my hospital bag.  Now it’s time to pull out the duffel bag and start packing once again.  But I am using that old list to remind me even though it’s only been about two years since the last time I did this.

Clothing: Nursing gown (to change into after I get a shower), nursing bra, two pairs of thick socks with skid tractions on the bottom (cold chills are common after delivery and hospital floors are always cold), house slippers, a loose and comfortable outfit to wear home (black sweats, long-sleeve tee, regular socks), and one pair of underwear*.

Well, the nursing gown mentioned is long gone, but I have some nifty pajamas that I’ve been wearing during my pregnancy and the top is made to be pulled down for nursing access.  I just have to decide if I want to take the blue pair or the gray pair (very Civil War of me).  And I’ll probably wear my flip flops instead of my house slippers to the hospital this time.

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Ladies Black Interchangeable Flip Flops

Hygiene: Body wash, shower poof, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, deodorant, razor, and hair brush. Basically, pack what ever you need to feel clean. I also pack a few maxi pads, even though I might not use them.

Not too much has changed there, but I may need to get some new travel sizes.

Nursing Supplies: Lansinoh nursing cream (even if you know what you are doing your nipples will still be a little tender for the first few weeks), nursing pads in case my milk comes in early, and a nursing cloak.

I doubt I’ll buy a new tube of nursing cream to take with me.  Usually the “free” sample they give me in the hospital is enough to last me.  But I will take my nursing cloak with me again so I don’t have to kick my dad or any visiting priest to the other side of the curtain or risk making them feel uncomfortable.

Baby Stuff: Two sleepers for baby’s first photo/going home (one gender specific, and one gender neutral), a few thin cloth diapers (as burp/spit up cloths), and a few extra diapers “just in case”.

I’m a little torn about which outfits I want to take for the baby.  I’ll probably take a couple of sleepers and one onesie outfit and then see how horrendously hot the weather is when we get discharged.  I’ll probably also leave the cloth diapers at home and just pack the newborn disposable diapers in the diaper bag I keep in the van rather than my hospital bag.

Miscellaneous: Digital camera, extra batteries, two disposable cameras, wallet with checkbook and insurance card, charged cell phone with phone number list, Sudoku book with pencils and a lightweight (physically and mentally) book to read for entertainment, and a plastic baggy full of Honey Maid cinnamon sticks (for snacking).

We really need to get a new digital camera since our old one is on the fritz.  I’m still debating about a disposable camera.  But I know that I will be bringing my new Acer Iconia Tablet and taking advantage of the free WiFi at the hospital.  Not only can I access Facebook, blogs, Netflix and the Laudate app (Catholic Bible, Catechism, prayers, etc), but I also just bought the e-book of Style, Sex, and Substance to read using the Kindle app while I’m in there.  Of course, I really need to remember to bring the charger as well.

Now I just need to print out this post and start packing….

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