7 Quick Takes (v. 70)

1.  Last Saturday my husband went to Arlington Park race track with a friend, and his first thought was that the kids would really enjoy it, too.  So, we loaded up the kids the very next day for the park’s Family Fun Day with free pony rides and a petting zoo and the usual free admission for kids under 17.  We gave the three older girls each a $10 betting voucher, which led to some ups and downs when Katie (4) and Bailey (9) picked winning horses and Piper (6) didn’t.

Unfortunately, they shut down the pony rides just as we went to get in line, but the highlight was definitely watching Sabrina (2) cackle with delight as she fed the sheep at the petting zoo.  Over-all I think the kids had a good time, and I was happy to work in another big, fun activity before the baby is born.

2.  Recently I was forced to finally put everyone on a strict eating schedule for snacks and meals at the kitchen table with only water allowed in-between times.  This is something I’ve struggled with for years.  The first few days involved a lot of whining and tantrums from the two older girls, but for the most part everyone has been getting in the groove.

I’ve still been giving them a wide range of choices at the feeding times, but I’m finding a whole host of benefits from putting in the effort to keep to the rules about when and where people are allowed to eat.  I just hope that we can make it through the post-partum period without slipping back into bad habits.

3.  I woke up at 3:30 Sunday morning, and I had a heck of a time getting back to sleep.  While I lay awake, I got hit with my first real nesting urge.  I have wanted to get the living room carpet cleaned for awhile,but I just figured it was something that would have to wait.  It just kind of hit me, though, that I had to have it cleaned before this baby comes.  So, I rented a Rug Doctor Monday evening, and my MIL and I worked together to remove about 3 layers of dirt off of the living room carpet.  We even gave the area rug in the kitchen a once over.  Both look worlds better, and now I won’t have that keeping up up at night anymore.

4.  Last week some friends from church invited me over to check out their air conditioning set up.  They’ve lived in our town home subdivision for many years, and they know all about the HVAC issues that began when this place was built.  We had looked into getting a portable A/C unit, but we knew that the venting connection wouldn’t fit correctly in our side-to-side windows.  But thanks my church friends, I was able to learn how to over-come that issue, and we have all been sleeping much better in spite of the mini heat wave we had this week.  If we can just get the upstairs to 85 degrees instead of 95 degrees at night, it is totally worth the $300 we paid for the unit.

5.  On Tuesday when I took Katie to her preschool painting class, the teacher (an acquaintance of mine) took one look at me and said, “You’ve dropped.  I can tell that baby has dropped just since last week.”  Then on Wednesday I ran into someone else who said that she could tell the baby had dropped since I had last seen her Monday night.  I declined to have my cervix checked at my 37-week midwife appointment, but the baby was already at zero station the previous week.  I have been getting that “walking around with a bowling bowl between my legs” feeling more and more this week.  My parents want me to hold out on having this baby until after my dad’s cataract surgery next week, but all bets are off at this point!!

6.  I got into a Facebook “discussion” with a Catholic friend who was defending the Leadership Conference of Women Religious based on an interview he heard with a member on NPR.  I must admit that I’m getting pretty annoyed with the “old men at the Vatican picking on the poor nuns who do such good social justice work” narrative being perpetrated by the mainstream media.

But it led me to take a look at the other council for women religious in the U.S., the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious.  They apparently broke off from the LCWR in the early 90’s over concerns with the doctrine and political goals of the LCWR.  Somehow I was not surprised that two orders of sisters that I’ve come to highly respect in recent years (the Daughters of St. Paul and the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecelia) are both members of the CMSWR and not the LCWR.

7.  Today is the first day all week when I haven’t a single appointment to attend.  I do have to go to Aldi, though (sigh), since I won’t be able to go tomorrow.  Tomorrow I’ll be going to the Pere Marquette Homeschooling Conference!!  I’ve been looking forward to it for ages, since I wasn’t able to go last year.  I’m hoping to hit the vendor hall and check out a few of the speakers, and it would be really great if I could hook up with some of the ladies from my homeschool group.  It’s not a big conference, but I love that I can indulge both my homeschooling and Catholic nerdy sides at the same time.

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