7 Quick Takes (v. 71)

1.  Well, the world has gone mad…over Chick-Fil-A of all things.  The advocates of gay marriage have chosen a chicken sandwich restaurant chain that has always espoused Christian values, such as observing the Sabbath, as their battle ground.

We actually went to Chick-Fil-A last night for dinner.  We had no political agenda; we just really like the food.  My six-year-old composed a “Chicken song” for our last visit there about two weeks ago.  We used to plan our trips back home to Kentucky in order to stop at what was then the nearest Chick-Fil-A in Indiana.  We just really like Chick-Fil-A, and apparently so do a lot of other people because the place was packed as usual.  We are excitedly waiting for the one in our town to open soon, so that we don’t have to drive 30 minutes every time we want to eat there.

2.  But after I posted a Facebook link to what the Chick-Fil-A CEO really said, my best friend from high school replied that anyone who publicly opposes same-sex marriage is being hateful and bigoted.  I sincerely questioned why he wanted to have any relationship with me or the Catholic Church (with which he claims affiliation) since we both publicly oppose it and therefore must be hateful and bigoted.  He then de-friended me.  It makes me a bit sad, but at the same I feel that it is probably for the best and I wish him no ill will.  But still…all of this over some tasty chicken.

3.  When I went to my weekly midwife check-up (38 weeks), she was a little bit concerned about the baby’s heartbeat, so they put me on a monitor.  Let me clarify, they sat me down in a comfy recliner in a cool room where the only sound was my baby’s rhythmic heartbeat.  It took all of my will-power not to fall asleep and take them up on their offer to let me stay and nap for a few hours even after they were sure the baby was fine.

4.  My nesting obsession for this week was scrubbing down all of the kitchen chairs from top to bottom.  Over-all the house has been staying much cleaner since we instituted the eating schedule and ban food and drinks (other than water) from the living room.  It has taken a lot of effort to make sure we keep to the schedule and deal with the occasional whining, but the trade-offs have really been worth it.

5.  I had been rereading the first Harry Potter book at night as I waited next to my four-year-old’s bed for her to fall asleep.  When I got to the part where Harry, Ron, and Hermione are trying to figure out about Nicholas Flamel all I could think was “I bet they wish they had a muggle computer with Google on it about now.”

Of course, Google did not exist when the story is set in 1991, and most people were barely aware of the internet when the book was published in 1995.  But even my crappy library had a computerized card catalog by the mid-80’s that probably could have pulled up something about Nicholas Flamel, if anything existed in the library about him at all.  And I would bet some wizard would have at least invented a spell that works like the “find” function on websites to find key terms in a book by then.  It just goes to show that magic can’t solve every problem, even in a fantasy world.

6.  I have developed a fear of orange juice as my due date approaches.  I have read in a few pregnancy books over the years that orange juice + labor = puking.  I think one of my midwives even said something to that effect at one time.  So, while part of me would be almost willing to superstitiously drink orange juice expecting Murphy’s Law to kick in and start my labor, I really, really, really hate puking.

7.  Everyone else in the house keeps freaking out every time I express some sort of pain and discomfort, which at this point is at least 20 times a day.  They see me grimace or hear me suck in my breath suddenly and then ask if I’m in labor.  Then I explain that the baby has jammed her feet into my left side for the 5000th time or that I just did some minor chore that turned out to be more strenuous than it would have been even three days ago or I clumsily whacked into something.  You’d think that by the fifth baby everyone around me would realize that labor in real life normally doesn’t go from absolutely no feeling to excruciating pain out of nowhere.  But I think everyone, including me, is just on high alert right now.

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