7 Quick Takes (v. 72)

1.  These are going to be really quick takes since on Wednesday, August 1st I gave birth to Cassidy Veronica.  We got home from the hospital around noon today, just in time for lunch-time chaos.  This is of course just on top of the other chaos that has been going on since I left for the hospital Wednesday morning.  The older four girls have been thrown off their food and sleep schedules by the arrival of their new baby sister, the visit of their Memaw and Papaw, and my absence.  And this mini-heat wave is not helping matters either.

2.  The hospital where I deliver just built a new wing with a new maternity floor.  Some of the changes in the labor/delivery and post-partum rooms I really liked.  There are other things that I wish they hadn’t changed.  But I was happily surprised last night when the massage therapist showed up in my hospital room for my free 15-minute massage session.  I was scared that was something they had done away with in the renovations.

3.  They do have this new thing as they wheel you through the double doors from labor and delivery to the post-partum rooms.  At the push of a button a Kenny G. version of “Brahm’s Lullaby” plays to welcome and announce the new mother and baby.  After the trauma of childbirth, I really didn’t give a crap about pushing the silly button, but I didn’t want to be a curmudgeon, either.  When the music started up, though, I seriously regretted doing it; I just wanted to hide my face under one of my warm blankets and die from embarrassment at the cheesiness.  I started thinking it would be much cooler if the button played one of the two notification songs for the emergency room ambulance bay at their sister hospital in my town:  the theme song from MASH or the Imperial March from Star Wars.

4.  Do you have any idea how much I loathe having an IV?  Well, every single healthcare provider in that hospital does, because they had to listen to me complain about the “stupid IV” non-stop for about 24 hours.  I hate the way the tubing makes me feel trapped and is always getting tangled, and I can’t fully use whichever hand they put it in.  For extra fun this time, I seem to have some sort of residual nerve damage that keeps making my wrist and thumb go numb where the nurse unsuccessfully tried to insert the IV lock the first time.  Then I accidentally ripped out the correctly inserted lock right after delivery, so I got a third puncture when they switched the IV to the other hand.

5.  The girls are really wound up over their new sister.  They keep begging non-stop to hold her, and they keep climbing on me to get to her.  I am scared to set Cassidy down for five seconds without an armed guard lest one of them should try to carry her off or accidentally catapult her from the bouncy seat.  They they are constantly poking and prodding her.  Hopefully some of the newness will wear off in a day or two once they realize that while she is extremely cute she is not really going to be that entertaining for awhile.

6.  So far I am digging the My Brest Friend nursing pillow.  I wasn’t sure that I would like the little strap around the back, but it actually feels pretty good on my sore muscles.  And I’ve been using the pocket to keep my new Udder Cover nursing cape.  I just wish I could remember where I packed up my little tube of nursing cream I got from the hospital.  I forgot just how painful the first few weeks of nursing can be even when you know the tricks of good positioning…and I’m just waiting for my milk to come in fully.

7.  Well, I think Cassidy and I are going to head upstairs to bed and see if we can get a few hours of shut eye.  Of course, Cassidy will probably have some weird wide-awake period as soon as I try to get to sleep.  But a girl can hope.  We’ll see when I can get around to writing up Cassidy’s birth story.  I will say that her birth gets the awards for “Best Transition” and “Fastest Pushing”.  You’ll just have to wait for all of the gory details.

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