7 Quick Takes (v. 73)

1.  When I got home from the hospital with Cassidy last Friday, there was a package waiting for me on my desk.  One of my best friends from college had sent me a little “baby” gift, ordered the day before I went into labor.  She had apparently seen on my Facebook page or blog about how I was coveting this particular item.  It was a copy of Christoper T. Baglow’s high school theology textbook, Faith, Science, and Reason.  Melissa has always known the perfect gifts for me.  LOL

2. We also had a previously scheduled appointment with Safety Matters to have one old baby gate replaced and a new one installed between the kitchen and living room.  (After several bad experiences with home installation, I decided to turn to the professionals.)

The second gate has been so useful that I wish I had done it ages ago.  It helps keep Sabrina (2) trapped in the kitchen during mealtimes, so that she can’t sneak food/drinks into the living room.  Plus, I can set Cassidy in the bouncy seat in the living room during meal times and know that no one will disturb her while I am eating, too.

3.  All of the girls love their new baby sister, and they keep begging to hold her.  Sabrina even tried to convince her Granny to trade Cassidy for her baby doll last week.  She said, “You take this, and I take Cassidy.”  She pronounces it cass-uh-DEE.  It is so cute!

4.  I basically spend large portions of my day just sitting around feeding the baby, so I’m reading and watching television a lot.  I quickly read through The World of Downtown Abbey companion book to the series which I randomly picked up at the library the night before I went into labor.  It was an interesting but not too strenuous read.

Right now I’m reading both Faith, Science, and Reason and Style, Sex, & Substance, and I find myself making notes about both of them in my prayer journal.  And then I’m watching Switched at Birth and season 4 of Breaking Bad on Netflix; I have to watch the latter, though, where the kids can’t see due to the violence.

5.  I put off doing my normal “new baby” hair chop, because it seemed smarter to keep it up in a ponytail when we kept having all those heat waves.  But now I am dying to get it done.  I’m trying to do decide if I want to do just a traditional bob or experiment with something a little more funky (and I do mean just a little).  We’ll see what my hairdresser says when I see her tomorrow.  I am so clueless about what will work with my hair, and I trust her implicitly.

6.  The “boob sock” has made a reappearance at our house.  Right before I weaned Sabrina a little over a year ago, I got a nasty case of mastitis where she kept biting me in the same place.  I don’t remember where I got the suggestion, but somewhere I learned about filling an old sock with rice and tying up the top.  Then you can microwave it for 30 seconds to make a small heating pad perfect for sticking in your bra to loosen up hardened nodes of milk.  Piper named it “the boob sock”.

Well, when I’m pregnant the breast tissue under my left arm pit swells like crazy, and then it becomes hard as a rock when my milk comes in.  I’ve been using the “boob sock” to try to break it up.  Not only does it look like I have some sort of gross arm-pit tumor, but it also just plain hurts whenever any pressure is applied to it.  I know I really should try to contort myself so I can get Cassidy’s chin pointed at my arm pit while nursing, but the “boob sock” just seems so much easier.

7.  The past couple of days the temperatures have been in the 70’s, and it’s been really cool at night sleeping with all of the windows open.  I LOVE IT.  I wish it would stay like this FOREVER.  We’re not sweating like pigs.  We’re not using up a ton of electricity to keep the house barely cooled.  Everyone is sleeping better and in better moods.  But it does have me thinking that I might want to invest in a few long-sleeved nursing shirts/sweaters, at least one to wear at bedtime.

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2 Comments on “7 Quick Takes (v. 73)”

  1. #7 The cooler weather has been nice here too. It felt so special to eat cold-weather food, we had chili yesterday.

  2. Laurke Says:

    What did you end up doing with your hair?

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