#2 At The Age of Reason

On Saturday my second daughter, Piper, turned seven-years-old.    In the past year her legs have become long and her body has thinned out.  There is not much trace of the baby she once was anymore.  Her reading skills have begun to take off, and she constantly amazes me with the way she discovers the patterns of mathematics on her own.

Her love of art has continued to grow.  She loves looking through books about different artists, and  I’m glad that we were able to take her to the Art Institute this summer.  She has even picked out a few paintings as her favorites.

Surprise! by Henri Rousseau

And Piper’s talent for drawing continues to surprise us.  We noticed that she was picking up techniques from various children shows just by watching their resident artist draw pictures.  We offered to enroll her in a really nice art program in a nearby village, but she would rather learn at her own pace according to her own interest.

So, we’ve been trying to subtly help her by having family give her “How to Draw” books as presents and encouraging my dad (from whom she inherited her talent) to draw for her during visits.  I’ve even been able to teach her a few tricks I learned in my high school art class.

I think Piper has impressed me the most with the way she is able to handle her little sisters.  Yes, sometimes they get on her nerves, but she has a real knack for getting them to cooperate.  When Katie was stubbornly refusing to go upstairs for bedtime, Piper suggested that they “race” up the steps with a wink to me.  And if Sabrina has a bonk, Piper is likely to scoop her up to calm her or do something funny to distract her from the situation.  She’s also been teaching them both United States geography.

Piper continues to be the most intentionally funny kid in the house.  From her vocal impersonations to crazy facial expressions to witty quips, she often has us all in stitches.  My husband says that she’s like a little Lucille Ball.  Of course, sometimes her sarcasm can be rather biting and she does not suffer fools gladly, but nobody’s perfect.

Normally, I would have had her birthday post up on her birthday.  But we spent most of her special day at the zoo as Piper requested.  It was good to see her so happy and excited and having a great birthday.  She said that she even enjoyed this birthday more than her big party at Chuck E. Cheese last year.  I’m thankful that the Lord blessed me with my wonderful “monkey girl”.

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