7 Quick Takes (v. 76)

1.  I have 15 minutes until Katie’s gymnastics class is over.  So, we’ll see if I can knock out 7 Quick Takes before I have to pack up my laptop and my baby and get ready to go home.  When the kids are in their classes is sometimes the only quiet “free” time that I get some weeks.

2.  Basketball season started this past week for Bailey.  This year she is on a team with 8 of her new school mates (her league allows you to put in a bid for a specific team/coach.)  They had the annual skills clinic last Saturday, and since then we’ve had two practices.  It’s just one more string binding us to the school and the parish as we get to know these families better.

3.  Bailey’s school had a big celebration for the feast of St. Nicholas yesterday.  They went Mass and had a special concert from the school band.  They set out their shoes in the hallway and received oranges and chocolate coins.  A few parents from each class made hot cocoa and cookies for a special after Mass treat.  And one of the priests from our sister parish came in dressed as St. Nicholas.  Maybe next year I should try to do a little something for the kids at home.

4.  We were going to watch the VeggieTales story about St. Nicholas yesterday as part of our homeschool, but it didn’t quite workout.  We had a little glitch with our DirectTV installation that knocked out our WiFi connection, which means I couldn’t use the Netflix on our television.  It’s still in the queue, so we’ll just have to watch it another time.

5.  I’ve done some of my Christmas shopping online, but this afternoon I’m going to try to run out to get another load of stuff.  Of course this year, I have to get a few extra things for the teachers at school.  And I want to get a little something for our parish priests; they do so much for us.  I’ll probably get them some restaurant gift cards; I know that at least one of our priests takes his mother out to lunch every week on his day off.

6.  I have been loving Relevant Radio when I’m in the car.  Twice I’ve caught phone interviews with some great Catholic bloggers (Jen Fulwhiler and Dan Lord).  There’s so much humor and good information and love of the Lord.  It’s a nice break from all of the chaos in my life when I get a chance to listen to it.

7.  Well, my time is up.  Katie and her classmates are getting their stamps.  It’s off to home to do Piper’s schoolwork.  Then I’ll take off to treat myself to some lunch and then do some Christmas shopping (and grocery shopping).  It’s been such a hectic week it will be nice to have a little quiet time, just me and Cassidy.

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