7 Quick Takes (v. 77): Merry Christmas!!

1.  We had a really nice Christmas.  It’s funny how (thanks to Bailey going to school) my body has become conditioned to wake up at seven every morning now.  I woke up just before Bailey and Piper came in ready to go downstairs.  Thankfully everyone was in a good mood all day despite the early wake up time.

2.  It’s been funny to see which presents have become the biggest hits.  Bailey (10), as rxpected, loves her iPod Touch; it probably means more because she had to pay for half of its total cost.  Piper (7) and Katie (4) have been playing with their new Monster High dolls together a lot; they’ve even been sharing so Sabrina (2) can join in.  But the thing that Katie was most excited about was her Annoying Orange plush that “talks”, and Piper loves the Monster High Fashion Sketch Portfolio from us along with the special twist-up crayons from Santa.  Cassidy (4 1/2 months) seems to be enjoying her new infant play gym, too.

3.  My husband and I even gave each other presents this year.  I surprised him with a gift card for his favorite local sports memorabilia shop, and he got me some puzzle books, DVDs of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2, a Chewbacca mug with cocoa, and a Doctor Who t-shirt featuring Van Gogh’s “lost” painting of the TARDIS exploding.

4.  Speaking of Doctor Who, I LOVED the Christmas special and the new companion.  Clara seems like a real match for the Doctor, and I can’t wait to learn her secret.  I am curious what River Song will think of her, though, since Clara and the Doctor have an obvious chemistry.  I hope they don’t cut River Song out completely just yet; they should give her the courtesy of filming her last night with the Doctor at the opera before she goes to the library.  But the special was really good, with so many quotable lines.  I can’t wait for the regular season to resume!

5.  Once Christmas Day passed, I began the Herculean effort of trying to get Katie (4) to start wearing her new glasses.  I’m trying to get her to wear them for a little bit each day, with the amount of time slowly increasing.  The doctor said that it was not imperative that she wear them all day everyday, just as much as we can get her to agree.  While she doesn’t love the idea of wearing glasses, Katie does love the cute case that came with them.

Katie’s Glasses Case

6.  My husband and I have been relishing a week without ten tons of appointments.  Our lives had become so hectic with doctors appointments, basketball practices, school stuff, and Christmas preparations that we barely had time to breathe.  We’re glad to get a small respite before things speed up again.

7.  One thing we introduced to our house for the first time this Christmas is Legos.  I loved Legos as a kid, but they are pretty much choking hazards waiting to happen in this house.  But then I started checking out the Duplos and realized that those would be safe enough.  The added bonus is that this is one thing that I can play with the kids without being bored to death.  It’s what we call a win-win situation!


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