School’s Out! (Almost…)

It has been a doozy of a school year.  If I picked two words to describe my life since August, I would choose sleep deprivation.

I knew to expect it to a degree with baby #5 arriving on August 1st.  I just didn’t expect to the horrendous levels that have been achieved in the past nine months.  Part of this was exacerbated by the desperate decision to put Bailey (4th grade) in regular school in October.  It has been good for her, but terribly stressful and exhausting for me.  (Can we say 7 am wake-up after the baby won’t settle down to sleep until 1 am?)

There are only 5 more weeks of school left, 5 more weeks of waking up early and packing school lunches.  If Bailey were still being homeschooled we would only have three weeks left, since we used to follow my husband’s college teaching schedule.  But now Piper (1st grade) will have an extra two weeks of school since I try to keep her and Bailey more consistent with each other (to reduce the complaining).

So, over the next 5 weeks Piper and I will be finishing up her various curricula.  Some subjects, like history, will peter out early.  And other subjects, like logic, we will need to double and triple down on to finish.  Our math is a little bit up in the air.  Piper finished first grade math weeks ago, and we have started on our second grade math books.  She is at a point where she really needs to have her basic addition and subtraction facts down cold before we can start the next unit.  So, until she can finish a 5-minute frenzy with at least a 95%, we will be nothing but addition drills.  Then we’ll move on to subtraction drills.  Then we’ll eventually jump back into our math books.

Having Bailey away at school all day has been an adjustment for Piper.  Bailey’s work was always more intensive than Piper’s due to the difference in age, but Bailey was also very, um, high-maintenance.  As result, sometimes Piper’s bad habits and behaviors would fly under the radar.  This has caused some rough days in recent months.  I also just had to do a lot of tweaking since some of my original plans for the year included combined subjects for Bailey and Piper that can’t be done the same with only one student.

As I write this, we are expecting that Bailey will continue to go to regular school for the foreseeable future.  I will have two “full-time” students again next year, though, with Piper in 2nd grade and Katie starting kindergarten.  I’ve been busy, on my less exhausted days, putting together the plans for the fall, which can be a subject for another post.  I am also sure that it won’t be long before Sabrina (almost 3) starts asking to “do school”, too.

Right now, though, I am looking forward to summer.  Bailey has already had her dreams of a school-free summer dashed.  Her school gave her a reprieve on not knowing how to write cursive for this year, but she needs to be ready to write in cursive for 5th grade.  She will also finish up her 4th grade homeschool math book and math drills to keep that information fresh in her mind.  Piper will just continue solidifying her math facts and moving on in her 2nd grade math book over the summer.  And Katie will continue working her math and phonics books.  Our work loads will just be lighter and more flexible depending on the weather and opportunities for summer fun, but whether we do much formal work or not, I know that the learning will never stop.

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