Happy Birthday, #3!

Five years ago today, my dear daughter #3, my Katie, was born.  I remember when she was “the baby”, and now there have been two more babies in the past five years.  I worried that Katie would not be willing to share me with each new baby sister, but the bigger issue was whether Katie would share each new baby sister with anyone else.

Now Katie is preparing to start homeschool kindergarten in the fall.  She loves rhyming words, and she’s starting to sound out the beginning letters.  She has an interest in sign language, so I’ve been learning a few signs to share with her.  Katie also really loves books.  I’ve been making a special effort this month to read her a book every day, and I also introduced her to audio books.

The last  shadows of the “Psychotic 3’s” have dissolved away over the past year.  Katie is still very set in her opinions, though, and more stubborn than a team of mules once she has made up her mind about something.  She is also very shy to the point of rudeness sometimes.  This is something we are constantly working on.

For the most part, though, Katie is a sweet and undemanding child.  We have to be careful sometimes that she doesn’t fall through the cracks like a stereotypical middle child.  Part of this is because she likes to spend large portions of her time pretending in a world of her own.  She’ll spend hours each day running, walking, skipping, and hopping from room to room lost in a secret story in her head.  Sometimes she’ll keep a book handy to spur her imagination; sometimes she’ll admit to acting out her favorite television shows, stories, or movies.

When she is not pretending alone, Katie loves playing on the computer alone or with her big sister Piper (7).  They often play Club Penguin, ToonTown, or Pixie Hollow together.  She, Piper, and Sabrina (almost 3) also do a lot of pretend play with toys and costumes.  They often pretend to be a pack of wolves or packas (an imaginary animal of their own design).

Katie is really good about looking out for her little sisters, even when they get on her nerves sometimes.  She’s the child most likely to help me “tidy up”.  And she’s most likely to demand a hug, kiss, or snuggle and offer an “I love you”.  She’s definitely not a baby anymore, and I can’t wait to see all of the ways she grows, develops, and learns in the coming year.  Happy Birthday, Katie!!

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