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#4 Turns 3!

June 13, 2013

Today is Sabrina’s 3rd birthday.  I can not believe it’s been three years already, or that my fourth child is already three.  It is such a reminder that it goes by so fast.

I call Sabrina “Little Miss Sunshine”.  She is always so upbeat and positive and enthusiastic about life.  She is always the first one (and only one) to say “I missed you so much” to whoever walks in the door, whether they’ve been gone for 8 hours or 8 minutes.  Sabrina loves to talk to people on the phone and is known for accidentally/intentionally hitting the redial button to see who she can reach.  She’s very out-going, very smart, and very funny.  She looks up to her three older sisters and adores her baby sister.  And they are all disarmed by her cuteness and sweetness.

In the past year, Sabrina has lost some of her love affair for Yo, Gabba Gabba!  Her tastes have become a little more eclectic as she’s gone through phases of Doc McStuffins, Toy StorySpiderman and His Amazing Friends, and especially all things related to Neverland (Peter Pan, Pixie Hollow, Jake and the Neverland Pirates).  One day she’s a pirate looking for buried treasure, the next her Tinkerbell doll is flying around the room, and sometimes she has picked out Little People who she thinks resemble Peter Pan and Wendy and Jane (Wendy’s daughter).

As her birthday has approached, I have seen some signs of the Psychotic Threes.  Sabrina has started hitting her big sisters and pestering them when she wants their attention, so we are trying to teach her to ask them to play instead.  She’s getting a little more upset when things don’t go the way she wants, and the time-out chair is seeing a little more use lately.  I suspect that her time in this phase won’t be as difficult as with what some of her older sisters put me through, but those could be famous last words.

We have a lot of changes coming over the next year.  Pretty soon we’ll have to completely phase out her use of sippy cups, which she really only uses to drink her milk anymore.  She likes to lay on her back, drink her milk, and play with her belly button; she often does this before throwing the cup on the ground and passing out for a nap on the couch.  It will be sad to see the end of her “milk drinking position”, but it’s time for her to graduate.

In a few weeks I’ll be introducing Sabrina to the idea of potty-training.  We’ll put her in panties for a day and see how she does.  Then I’ll know whether to give her a little more time or progress into active training.  It will be a lot of messy work, but it will be worth it to only have one child left in diapers.  Plus, once she’s completely trained, Sabrina will have the option to take gymnastics classes.

I do believe in fairies!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sabrina!  I love you Little Miss Sunshine!